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Instant Reaction: SWEEEEEEEEP

Gut Reaction

We did exactly what we needed to do. Sweep.


Sevy re-engaged stud mode. Really happy he did. At times it seemed like the Mets had just given up on even trying to hit him. He could have struck out 14 and it wouldn’t have been exciting as that bunt hit though. Kind of like when Mariano recorded his 500th save but on the same night recorded his 1st RBI. He said, “why would I be excited about the save, I’ve done that 500 times. This was the first time I ever got a RBI.”


El Gary is starting to get very scary. He hit that ball out barely holding onto the bat. Just straight muscled it out of the park. He may be about to take us on another wild ride to end the season.


It was nice seeing Gardy get a big hit. Let’s get all the bats going for this weekend.

Are the Mets a team we should have beaten? Yeah, of course. But wins are wins and sweeps are real hard to come by. Not going to lie to you guys, I’m pumped up!

Let’s go!

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