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Instant Reaction: That’s the team I want to see!

Gut Reaction

That’s the team I want to see!


Carsten Charles

CC cares, man. CC isn’t playing the game for money anymore. He isn’t even playing the game for himself anymore. He’s playing this game for two reasons; his teammates and to beat the Red Sox!

4-0 against the Sox this year.

8-0 in games after a loss.

He’s a beast on the mound. He’s angry. He’s supportive. He’s the best!


Spread the Love

The entire lineup contributed today.

Everyone got a hit, except Judge. Judge had his positives on offense though. He worked two walks and went 1st to 3rd on a good read.

After the doubleheader yesterday that’s exactly what we needed to see. Hits from everyone.


I tried to tell everyone earlier to get excited for Bird, but a lot of people didn’t want to join me. Hopefully, now you’re on board.



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