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Instant Replay: Now THAT’S good baseball!

Gut Reaction

That’s the team we need to be. Great pitching. Timely hitting. Grind at bats. Shut ’em down with the pen.


This man has been nothing short of brilliant since the All-Star break. I’m all in on having faith in Masahiro.

2.27 ERA in his last 12 starts.

Matt Holliday

Even his other three at-bats looked much better than the man that left us a month ago. He got all 4 balls he hit to the outfield. Three of them would have scored a runner on third. That’s why he was our best hitter with RISP in the first half. He puts the ball on the grass.

If he can come back as the Matt Holliday from the first half that would be huge.

That home run was awesome for a few reasons.

  1. It gave us the lead
  2. It was Matt Holliday
  3. I called it
  4. I was live for it

Other Notes

Hicks getting hurt sucks. Looks like Clint will be back just in time. Hicks and Clint are rotating oblique injuries this season, with almost perfect timing.

The starter to DRob to Dellin formula has worked nicely. Dellin looked nasty today. The rust was gone.

Chase Headley is a man on fire. I love his passion. He got that hit in the 6th and screamed at the dugout to fire them up. He’s trickling into my favorite guy right now, which is scary (he also scares me… so intense!)

Tomorrow will be a tough challenge for us, and for Sevy, but we’ve done it before.

In the 4 starts vs Sale thus far…

Sale has an era of 2.16

NYY starters have an era of 1.33

Our pitchers have stepped up to the task. Time for Sevy to deliver again. LET’S GO


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