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Where will the big free agents land?

The baseball world is being dominated by the Astros scandal, and rightfully so. However, there’s still the matter of free agency. I took the top 14 free agents (it was 15 before Jake Odorizzi accepted the qualifying offer) and asked the Bronx Pinstripes team to make their predictions. Sure, many of them may be extremely off come Spring Training, but who isn’t?

Without further ado, the predictions:

Some highlights:

  • The free-agent seemingly most pertinent to the Yankees is Gerrit Cole. Six of the ten responses have him coming to the Bronx. He is the only player on this list that has at least three people predicting him to go to the Yankees.
  • The craziest one is Zack Wheeler: ten responses, nine different teams!
  • Only Drew sees Didi Gregorius retaining his pinstripes.

As the dominoes fall in the coming months, I will validate these predictions to determine who picked randomly out of a hat and who is the next Ken Rosenthal.