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Finally Put the Refsynder Debate to Rest, For Now


There has been constant debates and outcry on Twitter, forums and pretty much anywhere Yankee fans can voice their options over Rob Refsynder. Everyone has all of sudden become a minor league scout and claimed Refsynder aka “Ref” will be the answer to the Yankees offensive issues, but I never bought into it.

Finally today we can get some closure on this issue. According to Chad Jennings, Yankees GM Brian Cashman has said there really are no plans to bring Ref up this year.

“My preference would be to let him play the year in Triple-A,” Cashman said. “… We’re looking toward him more for 2015, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get here in 2014. But I wouldn’t bet on it. He’s certainly put himself on the radar,” Cashman said. “Right now I don’t have any plans to call him up. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen.”

Don’t get me wrong the young slugger has been tearing it up this year, splitting time between Trenton and Scranton, but scouts have said he’s just not ready for the big leagues and seems Cashman is listening to the scouts. The only real knock on Ref’s game has been his defense. He’s been primarily playing second base this year, but earlier in the month team officials pushed him back to right field to see if he would be a viable option to help the Yankees struggling offense. But after only playing three games in right, Ref has been moved back to second base, and hasn’t played the outfield since. That right there should be enough of a sign that they just don’t think he’s ready.

Jennings also pointed out that Refsynder does not have to be Rule 5 protected this winter, meaning adding him to the 40-man would fill a spot could cause issues when it comes time to shuffle the roster. But for those Ref fans out there, just continue to enjoy his outstanding season on the farm, when his number is called then we can get excited.

Refsynder is batting a combined .333/.403/.547 .950 OPS with 12 homers and 46 RBI this year.