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Gleyber Torres wins AL Rookie of the Month


After being named the American League Player of the Week just four days ago, Gleyber Torres is now the AL Rookie of the Month for his performance in May.

During the month, Torres slashed .317/.374/.659 to create a 1.032 OPS. He showed a surprising display of power with nine home runs, which currently leads all AL rookies. The 21-year-old produced at a monumental rate, as he drove in 24 runs in 24 games.

Clutch Factor

Gleyber has shown that he can not only produce, but rise to the occasion in high leverage situations. He has walked it off for the Yankees twice in his 34 games in the Majors. With runners in scoring position, he has hit .361 with a 1.178 OPS.

In plate appearances that classify as “late and close” (7th inning or later with the batting team tied, ahead by one, or the tying run at least on deck), Torres owns a slash line of .444/.524/.833. Nineteen of his 27 RBI have come in high leverage at-bats.

Interestingly enough, Torres actually hits better when the Yankees are behind.

Yankees ahead: .273/.281/.436 in 55 AB

Yankees behind: .325/.413/.500 in 40 AB

Torres may not sustain this production for the entire year, but it is certainly a promising start to his young career. He has shown tremendous poise in the biggest of spotlights. His arrival to the MLB was the catalyst for a massive turning point that resulted in the Yankees having the best record in the league right now.