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Hot Start to May – Is The Big Guy a Yankee Fan?!

Watching Monday night’s game; you couldn’t help but wonder how fortunate the Yankees are. Bartolo Colon pitched like he was Cy Young – 7 innings, 7 strikeouts and probably more in control of that game than Avila made him look with his two solo homers. If he keeps this up; and there is no reason to believe he won’t, the Yankees have found a solid three for the playoffs as well as take a hard look at Ivan Nova and possibly be comfortable with a four man rotation. Like I said; God has to be a Yankee fan; because even Cashman and the brass could never have gone to the bank on Colon rebounding like the pro he is. I know all of us Yankee fans are excited about how they are doing; and the start they are having in May has me excited as well.
As I discussed in my last entry; the cold weather has been especially tough on the hitters. I know that Jetes and Swish in particular were hating every minute of it; but, like the pros they are, never said a word and went on with their business. I admire that; because I was such a prima donna that I wouldn’t even take warm ups till the bell sounded and the ump said “you’ve got 5 young man, then it’s tough crap.” Ahhh…..those words were so kind. And hitting – probably the most painful experience to do back in my youth in 45 degree weather besides having to actually watch me get in the box! LOL!
So; with the Big Guy on our side; the weather heating up and the smiles returning to ARod, Swish, Jorge and Tex, let’s keep our fingers crossed that this month will not only be a good one for the Yankees; but a great springboard that distances them from the rest of the pack!

Mike Antoniotti
Staff Writer