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Do you know who Aaron Judge’s girlfriend’s boyfriend is?

1) Don’t drink and drive – Like at all. Just don’t do it. There are too many ways for you to get from one place to another that don’t involve you getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking. There are so many places that rely on driving where it’s just acceptable to drive home after a few, and it’s insane to me. You’re risking you life and the life of everyone else because you needed a couple Mojitos at Applebees after work.

2) Don’t break the law while breaking the law – As noted above, don’t drink and drive because it’s against the law. But the dumbest thing people do when breaking the law, is break more laws. This girl was not only drunk, but didn’t have her headlights on AND told the cop she didn’t pull over BECAUSE SHE WAS ON THE PHONE. It’s hard to get dumber than that.

3) Shut up – You aren’t talking your way out of anything with the cops after you have “2” glasses of wine. In the video you can see the cops say that she will be detained and let out in 2-3 hours. Plenty of time to go home and shower up for work. Yeah it’s bad when you have to call you boyfriend in the morning to tell him you didn’t text him goodnight because you were in the clink, but at least that’s better than TMZ telling the world.

I hate to say it, but Judge has to dump this girl. When you’re a rising potential superstar that can’t stay healthy, the last thing you need is someone like this. Judge needs a girl that just eats the DUI without mentioning his name, or you know, one that doesn’t drink and drive.

Jeter would’ve dumped her before the cuffs even clicked…