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Yankees announce bevy of roster moves

After waiting all morning/afternoon on pins and needles hoping Brian Cashman would give us some good news following the absence of Aaron Judge from the lineup for the third straight day, he did.

Aaron Judge is ok guys. He’s just a little under the weather. AND EXHALE.

However, the Yankees did announce a few roster moves:

It’s nice to see Dietrich and Chirinos take assignments to the alternate site. There is definitely nothing wrong with having extra depth! Chacin, see ya later I guess. I wasn’t particularly enthused with the idea of him starting any games for the Yankees anyway. Would much rather see one of the kids get a shot if we were to need a spot starter.

I am particularly surprised at Michael King making the opening day roster. Dude has a really nasty two-seamer, there’s no doubt about that. Maybe they will actually try him in short relief instead of keeping him in a starter/long man role. I would think that two seamer would play up in short spurts. I am not at all surprised Tyler Wade made the team. The Yanks need someone who can play SS in Gleyber’s stead if he were to go down. Yes, we saw Gio Urshela there for a game or two this spring, but I think that would be just in an emergency situation. If Gleyber needs a day, you don’t want to move your entire infield around for that.

Now that it is confirmed Justin Wilson will start the season on the IL, there is one roster spot still up for grabs. I would guess it’s going to be an extra arm like Lucas Luetge, Nester Cortes, etc. But we’ll have to wait until they officially announce that to see.

Opening day is Thursday. Everyone buckle up.