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Yankees vs Mets Preview

The Yankees and Mets play their first meaningful baseball games of the 2020 pandemic season this weekend in Queens. To preview the series, I talked to Andy Martino of SNY.

Pandemic Baseball Coverage

Before we talked about the Mets, I wanted to get Andy’s take on what it has been like covering MLB during the COVID pandemic. He, like many people in the industry, are apprehensive about what baseball is doing. Their livelihood depends on games happening, but you cannot ignore the dangers players and team personnel face every day and uncertainty of the rest of the season happening. Andy talks about finding a balance in his coverage, what it’s like to cover the team via zoom, and more.

Aaron Judge vs Pete Alonso

The Polar Bear got a lot of Judge comparisons after his 53 homer rookie season, and rightfully so. But so far Alonso has struggled a bit in his sophomore season (he still has a 128 OPS+). Martino talks about the pressure Alonso faces to be the face of the Mets like Judge is for the Yankees, and what type of player he projects to be.

Reaching Their Full Potential

The Mets have talent. Jacob deGrom is arguably the best pitcher in the world and six out of their starting nine position players have an OPS+ of 120 or better. Their bullpen is also much improved from recent seasons, so why have they underachieved? Unfortunately there is no one clear-cut answer, but Andy goes through a number of reason why the Mets have struggled to live up to expectations.

ARod The Owner?

The Wilpons are going to sell the team by the end of the year, it’s just a question of to who. As a Yankees fan I think it would be hilariously entertaining if the ARod group bought the team. I talked to Andy about what ARod would be like as an owner and why he’s still chasing everything Derek Jeter does.