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Your New York Yankees pets

Over the last couple of weeks I was lucky enough to bring home two foster dogs. Like many foster parents, I am a foster failure and now am the happy owner of two wonderful dogs, Tyson and Gertie ! Unfortunately, as they were previously owned they already know their names but I can’t wait for my Yankees pet gear to arrive! Next year will be their first official year as New York Yankees fans!

Gertie is the bulldog on the left while Tyson is the handsome gentleman on the right!

While owning these two fur-balls has been a blast, I would have loved the opportunity to have given them some New York Yankees names. With that said, here were some of the names I would consider for a dog!

The Yankees Legends

To start, I would strongly consider a name like Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio or Mantle. These names represent powerful figures. Ruth or Mantle would have a big personality while Gehrig would be the Iron Dog….the strong silent type that’s always ready to play. Meanwhile, a great name of a dog would be Yogi or Dickey and I think number 8 would look great on the back of a dog jersey. Maybe after his unfortunate passing last year, a white furred dog could be name Whitey. For some reason, I think the name DiMaggio would be great for a cat. Something about the strong stoic type with a strong personality.

The Core Four + Bernie

When looking at the more recent Yankees greats, the name Jeter comes to the top of my mind. A good friend from my childhood had a dog named Jeter, and Jorge or Posada would be a fantastic name for a bulldog. Something about the short stature and stocky frame just screams catcher to me. Meanwhile, I would love to meet a pet that loves to run named Bernie and watch him or her dominate the outfield. Finally, a clutch pet could be named Pettitte or Mo, who always saves his best for those crucial moments.

Outside of the Core Four, many great names reside with the late 90s Yankees. A quirky dog could be named Cone while Boomer would be a fantastic choice for a dog, or maybe a potbelly pig? Rocket would have a fiery personality, and hopefully your neighbor’s dog isn’t named Piazza or he may have a bone thrown in his direction.

Current Era

Judge comes immediately to mind for a tall breed like a German Shepard a Golden Retriever while Gleyber would be a scrappy dog who loves to run around. Chapman (or Chappy for short) would be a very strong name while DJ would certainly be man’s or woman’s best friend. Gio would be a fun pup who loves attention and meeting new friends while Cole would have a flamethrower of a personality.

Gary could also be a good name, but sadly it may lead to some very disappointing games of catch.

Off the Field

While Yankees players may be some great name choices, they aren’t the only options. First off, who wouldn’t want to meet a dog named Bronx? How about a vocal dog named Sterling, Kay or Paulie? Also a striped cat named Pinstripe would be a great fit for any home.

For many of us, pets are more than just an animal. They become valued members of their families and fans of the greatest team in sports. Now with that said, please comment with pictures of your furry friends in their pinstripe gear or let us know how their names were inspired by the Yankees!