Huff’s Revamped Repetoire Key to His 2014 Success


Known more in the minds of many Yankees fans more as the guy who took Phil Hughes’s spot in the rotation in September 2013 and proceeded to give up 9 runs in 3.1 innings against the Red Sox, David Huff came back to the Yankees this past June after being cast off from the eventual […]

Superfan “Freddy Sez” tribute (May 23, 1925 – October 17, 2010)

Freddy Sez at Ticker Tape Parade in '09

It was a crisp fall day, some four years ago. At 5am, in the early morning darkness, I found myself wandering the streets of the Bronx, to get front-row, “standing room only” seats, for the first time in my life, to celebrate a Yankees World Series Championship, with the Ticker Tape Parade. Wrapped up in […]

Spoiled by success

This is the core group of catalysts to the Yankees enjoyed success for more than a decade

For the first time ever, the Bronx Pinstripes writers united yesterday in the place where all of our inspiration is drawn from, Yankee Stadium, as a way of catching up with each other while catching a ballgame on a beautiful day in the Bronx. Our outing was quickly spoiled though by a Yankee loss due […]

Is Phil Hughes turning the corner for the New York Yankees?


The month of April is a weird month. Players can either come out firing and have the backing of fans through the early-going or they can stumble for the first few weeks and critics come out in droves trying to dissect their every move. (Heck, I even did it to Ichiro in an article last […]

Yankees middle relief, where art thou?

Source: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

In last night’s monster offensive showing against the Indians there was a nugget of worrisome with the New York Yankees bullpen. While the back end containing Mariano Rivera and David Robertson seems in line with how the rest of their year should pan out, it’s the middle relief showing signs of inconsistency. Luckily it’s only […]

Slow starts aren’t the end of the world for the New York Yankees

Yankee Stadium

The offseason for the New York Yankees wasn’t exactly A+ stuff. In fact, before the injury bug infected the clubhouse, the club arguably got worse during the winter. The departures of Nick Swisher and Russell Martin without any clear contingency plan, along with injuries to Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, and Curtis Granderson has cast doubt […]

Spring Training Game 20 Lineup: 3/15/13

CC makes his first start of the spring today.

  CC Sabathia will be making his spring training debut this afternoon against the Marlins. Over the offseason he had elbow surgery and has been limited to two simulated games this spring. Brett Gardner and Ichiro have had impressive springs thus far. Gardner is batting .364 this spring and Ichiro is batting a whopping .462. […]

Spring Training Game 4 Lineup: 2/26/13

Cano goes deep for his seventh home run of the season.

  Baseball has only begun, but it already looks to be a long tough road ahead for the Yankees. With an early 1-2 spring training record, backed up by a long list of injuries, the team already has their fair share of adversity to combat in 2013. As they try to work with their farm […]

Adversity Again an Antagonist

AN early injury to star outfielder, Curtis Granderson, will leave the Yankees missing his bat and speed to start the 2013 season.

The 2013 baseball season is still very young, but it seems as though it’s starting off the same way it ended in 2012, in shambles. When Derek Jeter had to be helped off the field near the end of the Yankees playoff run last year, it perfectly summarized how the entire season played out for […]

The Speed Dimension

Brett Gardner was sorely missed in 2012.

  The Bronx Bombers. A name that has always been appropriate when talking about the New York Yankees and their propensity for hitting the long ball. However, 2013 might be more Bronx Bunters than Bronx Bombers. Okay, that might be a bit of a stretch, but do not expect this team to resemble teams of […]

Teixeira admits to being overpaid.

Mark Teixeira says he is "overpaid."

    Usually when athletes talk about their contracts, they are complaining about how small it is, but, apparently, Mark Teixeira is not one of those athletes. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, he stated that he is overpaid and “on the backside of [his] career.” Talk about honesty. A week following a […]

Youkilis signs with the Yankees

Youkilis will man third base in pinstripes.

Former Red Sox third baseman Kevin Youkilis has signed a 1-year, $12 million contract with the New York Yankees. The agreement between the Yankees and Youkilis was first reported by Ken Rosenthal. The 33-year old corner infielder received interest from numerous teams, including the Cleveland Indians, who are managed by Terry Francona, who managed the […]

Yankees ALCS Game 4: Tigers eliminate Yankees


New York Yankees 1 — Detroit Tigers 8   The Yankees season comes to an end in tonight’s 8-1 loss to the Detroit Tigers.   CC Sabathia took the mound in tonight’s potential elimination game. The Yankees ace was not able to give the Yankees a quality effort. Sabathia’s start didn’t go well from the […]

Yankees ALCS Game 3: Verlander pushes Yankees closer elimination


New York Yankees 1 — Detroit Tigers 2   Justin Verlander pitches a gem in tonight’s 2-1 loss to the Detroit Tigers.   Phil Hughes started tonight’s game and appeared to be on his way to a quality outing. As Yankees fans have become accustomed to, Phil Hughes gave up a home run in the […]

Yankees ALCS Game 2: Kuroda takes a tough L


Detroit Tigers 3 — New York Yankees 0   Hiroki Kuroda is the hard-luck loser in today’s 3-0 loss to the Detroit Tigers.   Hiroki Kuroda dominated in his 7.2 innings start today. 7 of the first 9 Kuroda faced were out by the strikeout as Kuroda had all his pitches working. He would not […]

Yankees ALCS Game 1: Tough losses in defeat


Detroit Tigers 6 — New York Yankees 4 (12 innings)   A back and forth game includes a serious injury in tonight’s 6-4 loss to the Detroit Tigers in 12 innings.   Andy Pettitte took the mound for Game 1 and gave the Yankees 6.2 innings where he got in and out of difficult situations. […]

Yankees ALDS Game 5: CC goes the distance


Baltimore Orioles 1 — New York Yankees 3   In the winner-take-all game, CC Sabathia pitched a gem in tonight’s 3-1 win over the Baltimore Orioles.   The Yankees turned to CC Sabathia to give the Yankees the best chance to win and he came through. Sabathia didn’t allow his first run until the 8th […]

Yankees ALDS Game 4: Offense absent in loss


Baltimore Orioles 2 — New York Yankees 1 (13 innings)   In a close game, Yankees fall to the Baltimore Orioles by a score of 2-1 to force a Game 5.   In following his other fellow starting pitchers, Phil Hughes gave the Yankees a quality outing. In 6.2 innings, Hughes was hurt by just […]

How you like me now?

Everyone is up in arms over last night's dramatic win thanks to the heroics of Raul Ibanez, who's come through in spots like this all season long for the Yanks

There was a lot of skepticism that surrounded the Yankees offseason decision to sign free agent outfielder, Raul Ibanez, to a one year deal. There was doubt that the 40-year-old would have the stamina to contribute at a high level and endure an entire baseball season. On top of that, the club already seemed to […]

Yankees ALDS Game 3: Raul plays savior and hero


Baltimore Orioles 2 — New York Yankees 3 (12 innings)   An interesting decision in the 9th inning paid off in big ways as the Yankees win by a score of 3-2 in 12 innings over the Baltimore Orioles.   Hiroki Kuroda gave the Yankees an outstanding start in the first home game of the […]