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Losing out on Cole, Betances and Gardner would be a bad look

We all had an idea it would happen. The Yankees wanted Gerrit Cole so the chances of Didi Gregorius coming back to the New York Yankees looked slim. There probably weren’t many people shocked when it finally went down and Didi signed with the Phillies.

All the focus on Cole doesn’t just affect Didi though. Waiting on Cole could also have an impact on Yankee lifers the likes of Dellin Betances and Brett Gardner. There is a very real possibility the Yankees walk away with neither of them. Imagine a life with no Cole in our stocking and the Gardy parties end? (Nope don’t want to.)

If this ends up happening, fans reserve the right to be angry. As one of the more optimistic folk on the Yankee blogosphere who can spin any team hailing from the Bronx from any year and proclaim them the greatest in existence, even I’ll admit I’d be angry.

An unsure situation

Obviously baseball isn’t played on paper. It’s played on the field and the team could go into the season without these guys and still bring back title 28. Still, right now as we all wait out the winter months and hope to thaw out before opening day, the frustration would be there if the Yankees miss out on everyone. Us being unsure about what could happen next October will be there as well. Another potential early exit could be waiting too.

Of course the Yankees could also find themselves in an early exit with Cole (obviously) and that bears repeating because, like John Sterling says, “That’s baseball Suzyn.” Brian Cashman and the Steinbrenner family can’t think that way though.

If you’re going to miss out on staples of the team, come October at least have that number one guy be the anchor that we haven’t seen since CC Sabathia in his prime and Roger Clemens of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The fact is, a number one starter has been sparse in the last 20 years, and it’s no shock that the team has won one World Series since 2000.

Fangraphs Party

Coming into the season, the 2020 New York Yankees could have a stacked rotation with Gerrit Cole. Look at some of these Fangraphs steamer predictions for the potential rotation with him.

Gerrit Cole (Potentially): 6.7 fWAR
Luis Severino: 3.8 fWAR
James Paxton: 4.1 fWAR
Masahiro Tanaka: 2.5 fWAR
JA Happ: 1.7 fWAR

A projected 18.8 fWAR for a rotation is the kind of savagery Boonie screamed about when he got in an ump’s face. Except this time, the savages are in the rotation and not just the box.

Does it sting that Didi went to Philly? Absolutely, because good men shouldn’t have to go to the Land of Carson Wentz and Nick Foles statues.

Would it sting if Gardner ended up lacing up his boots with the Cubs? Absolutely, because they can’t even appreciate a world championship so how can they fully appreciate a Gardy Party?

Would it be a kick in the gut if Dellin Betances goes to the Mets? (I don’t want to talk about it.)

The only thing that makes all these instances okay (somewhat) is bringing Gerrit Cole to the Bronx.  That brings us back to the days of a young CC and the days of Clemens and Cone. If they can’t make it happen though, well, a lot of us will be really mad online. We’ll continue being really mad until they shove chicken fingers and bobble heads down our throats.

Then we’ll believe again – believe up until we see our playoff rotation and we all try to rationalize that the Yankees are good enough to win. Maybe let’s try something different?