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Bauer Astros cheating

Bauer, MLBers react to Astros’ cheating scandal

The Major League Baseball community reacted swiftly and with malice after MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred handed out year-long suspensions to Houston Astros manager A.J. Hinch and GM Jeff Luhnow (their days only got worse when the Astros fired the duo.) One player that is never been afraid of speaking his mind is pitcher Trevor Bauer. The current Cincinnati Red was a member of the Cleveland Indians during the 2017 season. He’s never been a fan of the Astros. Bauer took to Twitter Monday afternoon and evening to address the Astros’ cheating scandal.

Bauer implied back in 2018 that the Astros’ pitchers were also doctoring the baseball.

Former Astros pitcher Roy Oswalt took things in a different direction.

Former Atlanta Braves outfielder and current sportscaster Ron Gant had this to say:

“My first thought was that this is really unprecedented, because even back during the days when I was in Major League Baseball, we thought that teams were stealing signs, but not with technology,” Gant said. “That was my initial thought, but my next thought was that it left Ron Manfred with no choice but to do this. It’s been going on for a while. The Astros were accused of doing it before, and they’re still doing it. So really the fines and penalties do not surprise me at all.”

“If I’m playing against a team and I’m trying to win, I want to know by the rules that you beat me fair and square, that you were just better than I was,” he said. “But when stuff like this happens, it taints the entire game. You look back at those World Series and some of these games played in the playoffs, and it’s just — there’s an asterisk next to it. And it’s going to be like that forever.”

From current and former players:

You can bet there are going to be additional reactions by current and former players after Boston manager, and former Houston bench coach, Alex Cora is suspended. The severity is expected to be worse than that of Hinch.

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