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Bellinger: Altuve stole MVP from Judge in ’17

The baseball world has been livid in recent weeks about the Astros sign-stealing scandal, especially the Dodgers, who of course lost the 2017 World Series to Houston in seven games.

Cody Bellinger arrived at Dodgers camp on Friday, and opened with comments about Houston’s awful media display on Thursday. He also defended his fellow 2017 Rookie of the Year, Aaron Judge.

Here’s full video of Bellinger’s comments. He also address Altuve not wanting his jersey ripped off after he hit the walk-off homer off Chapman:

PREACH. I love it when teams and fanbases can unite over hatred for another franchise.

We all know Judge should have taken home MVP honors in 2017. Here’s a reminder:

We also know that Yankee team felt special, and was destined to appear in the Fall Classic. Yes, the Yankees didn’t hit at Minute Maid Park in the ALCS, but in close games, having the smallest of edges, like knowing what pitches are coming, can make all the difference.

Bellinger is also right in the fact that “it’s over.” It is time to move on, but as the scandal continues to unfold and more details come out, it’s hard not to think about what could have been.