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It’s official, baseball is back

After three months of grueling negotiations (if you can really call them that) between the Major League Baseball and the Players Association, we can officially say baseball is back.

It took a mandated season by Rob Manfred to get us here, but nevertheless here we are. Sixty games of the best sport are coming to you live from your TV starting with Opening Day on either July 23 or July 24.


Sixty games in 66 days means a whole lot of baseball in a short amount of time, but man am I ready for it. Spring training part two starts in less than a week with players reporting to their home ballparks on July 1.

The two parties have seemingly agreed to everything, including health and safety protocols, which was the last big unknown for the sport.

There are finally no issues left to resolve, meaning the only thing left to think about is what the Opening Day roster will look like.

There are a few new rule changes for the abbreviated season. Rosters will be set at 30 on Opening Day. After two weeks, they will be reduced to 28. After four weeks, the number will be 26, and teams can add a 27th man for doubleheaders.

A universal designated hitter will be implemented in the National League; the trade deadline will be on August 31; and a runner will be placed on second base for each team in extra innings.

No details about the schedule have been released yet, but according to Jon Heyman, 40 of the 60 games will be within the division and the remaining 20 will be interleague match-ups. All match-ups will be based on geographical location.

There is only one thing left to say….