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More video footage shows the Astros’ cheating setup

Over the past week, countless videos and pictures have surfaced indicating the Astros did indeed steal signs the in the exact method The Athletic article described. Over the past 24-hours people have gone back into the 2017 World Series documentary footage, which showed some behind-the-scenes shots of the Astros players and coaches walking through the tunnel where they were reportedly watching the camera feed and banging on the trash can. Those videos and pictures are perhaps even more damning because, while it does not prove what was actually on the monitor/laptops, it does give even more credence to the whole situation.

What amazes me the most is how obtuse the Astros organization was about this whole thing. None of this evidence — if you want to call it that — has been hard to find. I think if I were an Astros fan that would piss me off more than the cheating itself. Not only is their entire organization shady, but they’re bad at hiding their shadiness too!

And another thing that just came to me: MLB had personnel in these tunnels taking the video for the documentary. How was nothing said?!? Or was it, and MLB just turned the other cheek. The plot gets thicker….