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Yankees reportedly seeking to void Jacoby Ellsbury’s contract

The New York Yankees do not intend to pay Jacoby Ellsbury.

Truly, who could blame them?

As first reported in the New York Post, the club does not plan to pay Ellsbury the $26.2 million remaining on his contract. The organization claims Ellsbury voided the deal by getting unauthorized medical help.

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According to the Associated Press, a source close with the team notes general manager Brian Cashman sent a letter to Ellsbury and his agent Scott Boras, stating the club converted his contract to a nonguaranteed deal.

The source who spoke with AP said the Yankees contend Ellsbury was treated without club permission by Dr. Viktor Bouquette of Progressive Medical Center in Atlanta.

Of course slap tear Eric knows you’re supposed to go see Dr. Levy at Montefiore, but not Ellsbury.

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Ellsbury, who hasn’t played since 2017, was released by the team on Wednesday.

The remainder of the deal is part of a $153 million, seven-year pact signed in 2013. Presently the club is responsible for the guaranteed $21 million and the $5 million buyout for 2021.

Most importantly, if Ellsbury isn’t paid, the Yankees save $21.9 million off the luxury-tax payroll next year.

The Players’ Association has yet to file a grievance but issued a statement that reads, “The Players’ Association will vigorously defend any action taken against Jacoby or his contract and is investigating potential contract violations by his employer.”

In Ellsbury’s defense, it takes two to sign a contract, so you can’t blame him for wanting that money.

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The former Boston Red Sox centerfielder was a massive disappointment, hitting .264 in 520 games with New York.