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Breaking News: Yankee tickets are expensive

The NY Post published an article this weekend about how Yankee tickets are expensive, and I can’t believe a single person is shocked by this. Again, tickets are Yankee Stadium are high and getting higher, AND PEOPLE ARE SURPRISED.

Here are some highlights:

“I’m done,” said the 27-year-old season-ticket holder.

In a fiscal Catch-22, first the team priced him out of the two nosebleed seats he’s had for two years, and then gouged him for an additional $92 fee for this fall’s playoff ducats — because he’s not renewing his season tickets next year.

“It’s shocking. … It’s insulting,” the Upper East Sider seethed.

So, this guy is surprised that when he decided to not renew his tickets, the team charged him the price for non-season ticket holders for this year’s playoff tickets. But how could he know the price would be different? Could the team have possibly sent that information to you in bold and underlined?


I mean, how do you expect a grown man of 27 years old to be responsible for reading the terms of an agreement? Crazy, right?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not some heartless monster. Do I think the Stadium is too expensive for a family of 4 to go to a game and enjoy themselves? Yes. I think there should be a family section with cheaper tickets so that we grow interest in the game for the next generation.

However, I don’t feel bad for a guy who bought season tickets at a low price when the team was bad, and is now surprised the price went up over time. As the team gets better, the price is going to go up. I think that’s common sense to everyone. Plus, we’re talking about a 41-game-a-year package. There are other options that fit in a $2,000+ budget.

As I see parents on Twitter scrambling to find tickets to bring their kids to a game, the last thing anyone should be doing is feeling bad for a 27-year-old who has had a 41-game plan for 2 years and went to London to see the Yankees play this year.

As I read this article, this is all I see.

With this team on the brink of winning their first World Series in 10 years, I just can’t bring myself to feel bad for a guy with a half season plan. Especially, when his alternative is to fly around the world to see the team play.

PS: My favorite line is “I no longer feel welcome.” You aren’t buying tickets to the stadium ever again and you don’t feel welcome? The only people that are welcome are people with tickets. That’s how ticketed events work.