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Do the Tampa Bay Rays understand how a baseball season works?

Baseball can be a tricky sport to understand. With the advancements in the game, there are so many different metrics to track and it can be hard to do. If you really think about it, aside from knowing that WAR is your value above an average replacement player, the common fan doesn’t know how thats calculated, and thats the easiest of the new stats to track.

While I do have sympathy for the common fan (and myself) not understanding or caring about these advanced stats, I think everyone understands how a baseball season works.

Well, everyone besides the Tampa Bay Rays, who refused to be restrained by the constructs of a “season”.

I mean, what the hell does a person even do with this information? Wish the Rays congratulations on their June 10 – June 10 championship? This is almost as embarrassing as when they put five games on sale with $5 tickets and only sold out two of those games, LAST WEEK WHILE THEY WERE IN SECOND PLACE!

If $5 tickets to see a Major League baseball team play AND the Rays won’t get people out, I doubt the best record in a random timeframe is going to get Ethelle and the gals down at Del Boca Vista to stay awake past 6 p.m. to come out to the Trop.

Baseball in Florida just doesn’t work. Not in real life, and it looks like not on Twitter either.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. See you at the parade.