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What will the Yankees final record be? The Bronx Pinstripes staff makes their predictions.

Tonight the Yankees start the 2nd half push for our 28th World Series Championship. The Yankees sit at 57-31 with 77 games left on the schedule, so I asked the rest of the Bronx Pinstripes staff what they think the Yankees final record will be when the season ends.



Milan Toolsidas – @MToolsidas29

103-59: We will be a tad below our pace from the first half if our injuries continue to linger. Think we will finally get that dagger starter and capture the same magic and record from ‘09.

Joseph Randazzo – @DeflateGator

109-53: In 2018 the Boston Red Sox went 108-54. They embarrassed the Yankees in the Bronx and continued to play New York, New York into the off-season. I think the Baseball Gods have a way of cutting people down a peg and in honor of Boston laughing at us and spitting in our face, the Yankees will not only win the World Series, but they’ll also have a better record than Boston’s best-ever record.

Frank Marco – @FrankieMarco

104-58: 1 game better than the 2009 club, because I think this team is better and they will add an impact starter at the deadline.

Keith McPherson – @Keith_McPherson

103-59: We’re on pace for 105 wins. I think we finish just short of that. I said 103 on George’s Box so I’m gonna stay at 103. The whole league is on notice. After the trade deadline gets out the way — we’re steamrolling everybody on our way to 28. See you at the parade.

Rohan Arcot – @rohanarcot20

102-60: The second half schedule is a little harder – with fewer off-days and sadly fewer games against the Orioles. Also, look for Boone to try and rest a lot of guys towards the end of the season to keep everyone fresh for a nice, long October run.

Nick Kirby – @nkirbynyy

101-61: Yes the Yankees will be healthier than the first half, but the schedule is much tougher. 8 games in Fenway, 3 at Minnesota, and another West Coast Trip. This year’s team is better than last year’s team despite the lack of pitching, so they’ll win one more game. Unlike last year, 101 wins will be enough to clinch home field throughout the postseason.

Twitchy – @just_michaels

100-62: The Yankees are on a great pace but I expect the Yankees to do what they normally do and drop a few games they shouldn’t to the Orioles or Blue Jays or some other trash team. But I also don’t expect that to be as frequent as years past because the style of this team is so much different than years past as well. I still expect us to be the top seed in the AL and conquer the MLB world so I don’t waste money on that Yankee’s parade float I just bought.

John Bleh – @johnnybleh

103-59: I think we ran into some luck with our replacements early on, so even though we’re getting better players back we won’t quite keep this pace. Still, we’ll end up with a better record than last year and win the division.

Karen Veenstra – @karen_veenstra

99-63: My reasoning is basically the same as @andrew_rotondi, but I’ll let him do all the hard work in explaining. Thanks, Andrew.

Andrew Rotondi – @Andrew_Rotondi

99-63They’re currently on a 105-win pace, so saying that is too easy. They’ll win 99 games in honor of Aaron Judge.

Why did their pace slow down? Their schedule over the next 6 weeks is pretty grueling. They play 17 straight days, have two off days in a week, then play 19 games in 17 days. During that stretch is 8 games vs Boston, who I expect to get better in the second half. 99 wins will still be good enough to win the AL East by 4 games, so don’t worry.

JJ will probably predict 131-31 because he’s a homer.

Author Note: If you’ve been listening to George’s Box and The Bronx Pinstripes Show, and you should be, you know that myself and Andrew don’t see eye to eye on a lot. Mostly, I think it’s weird for a “Yankee Fan” to schedule his wedding for game 4 of the World Series when you look at this roster. Personally, I have kept the day open because I plan at being at a baseball game. But that’s just me. Now I have extended an olive branch an invited him to be a part of my article and what does he do? He attacks me for being a diehard fan. At a certain point, you have to wonder if the guy who predicts the worst record and shames a person for possibly predicting the best final record, while also being from Rhode Island, is a double agent and grew up sleeping in a Mo Vaughn shirsey? I’m not saying Andrew hates the Yankees, but actually yes I am.

JJ – @jjfromthebronx

101 – 60: Ready for a hot take? I don’t think the Yankees play 162 games this year. As we get deeper into the season and the gap between the Yankees and the rest of the division grows, I think there will be a rainout that doesn’t get made up. As for the 101 wins, this would put them 1 game better than last year’s record, and after not making the splashes that the fan base wanted in the offseason, Brian Cashman just needs to show this year’s team was better than 2018. Our pace is 105 wins, but as the season goes on, and with the injuries we’ve had, I think we’ll see some “punt” games to rest guys that matter for the postseason. Or we go 131-31 because I believe in this team, unlike Andrew.