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Yankees Opening Day Advent: Day 4

If you don’t know what an Advent Calendar is, and I’m no expert, it’s a special Christian calendar leading up to Christmas. So leading up to Opening Day, I have put together a 25-part series of things to get excited about because baseball is almost officially back.

Leaving Work Early For A Game

Going to work sucks. Just stinks out loud. Even if you do something you love and “never work a day in your life”, every job becomes a job at some point. The only positive about going to work, aside from money, is leaving work. What’s better than leaving work? Leaving work early!

You may skip out early every now and again, but that is normally for some family obligation, or wedding that you would rather skip; cashing in favors at work for an end result, that you don’t even enjoy. That’s where baseball comes in. Going to Yankee Stadium is the best. If you don’t think that, I’m not even sure how you ended up on this website. Getting away from the suck of work to go to the greatest place on earth is like hitting the double bonus.

Luckily, the Yankees have started playing a lot of weekday games early in the season at 6:35pm, so that kids can watch, and that helps you too. You can’t work until 6pm and make it to a game in time, so you have to leave work early. It’s not a half day where you have to use PTO, but just leaving a little early to dump work on your coworkers while having a couple beers before first pitch.

Add in “Summer Fridays” where you can leave in the middle of the day to grab a couple before a 7pm game game, and there are just so many opportunities to not be at work, in favor of pre-gaming. I’m pumped!

Speaking of Friday night games, did you know the Cubs are coming to The Bronx this season? Well they are, and they’re playing on a Friday night. I’m going, Bronx Pinstripes is going, and you could be going too.

$96.00 event ticket includes the following:

  1. Pregame at Billy’s from 5:00PM – 6:30PM
  2. Yankees Game ticket in Sections 205 sitting w/ the rest of the BPCrew (retail value: $90+)
  3. (1) FREE 12oz. Domestic Beer (or Pepsi product) inside Yankee Stadium (retail value: $11) 
  4. (1) FREE regular size hot dog (retail value: $10)
  5. Custom Bronx Pinstripes Event Tee  (retail value: $25)

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