Yankee Super Bowl Picks

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America’s Game (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

The wait is over.  ESPN’s two-week orgy of analysis is mercifully done and we can finally watch the Ravens and the 49ers battle in Super Bowl XLVII.  We thought it would be fun to check in with some Yankees and ask them what their picks were for the Big Game.  Check them out.  (Watch Brosius guess the exact score–he is so clutch.)

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Yankees fans, what's your opinion?

  • Sue

    Clay Rapada tweeted me “24-13 Baltimore”

    • http://twitter.com/161st_and_River Dan Hickey

      Nice! Thanks for the addition.

  • bcapozzi

    Give Dante Bichette Jr. the award for closest prediction.

    • http://twitter.com/161st_and_River Dan Hickey

      Yup, he nailed that one. Glad it turned out to be a great game.