Game Day

Instant Reaction: That game had everything I like in it

Gut Reaction

Every aspect of the game was great today. Great.

Birthday Boy

CC being able to grind out these games is phenomenal. I get oddly proud watching him shut teams down with smart and precise pitching. This guy was lost a couple years ago. We thought he was done. The fastball was gone and it seemed with that went his entire arsenal. Nope! He just needed a sweet knee brace and a new approach. Give me old man CC Sabathia all day. I love it.


The Offense Is About to Explode

We had a lot of guys coming into this game in slumps. All of them got hits. Gary, Holliday, Castro, Judge. Everyone got a hit today besides Todd Frazier (he only struck out once though so still better than Carter).

Not only did Judge get a hit. He also hit the moon.

Clint Frazier heard Cashman say he’s sending him down when Hicks comes back and went out there saying “do it, I dare you”. That decision may already be made but Clint is going to give Cashman a hell of a headache over it.

Bullpen, Yeah The Trade was Nice

Kahnle dominated.

Robertson dominated.

Betances didn’t allow a run.

Warren did great.

I think this trade worked out well huh?

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