Game Day

Instant Reaction: Incredible

Gut Reaction

This week has been incredible. Live reaction and post game recap here.


Bull Pen Day

Joe had a really short hook with Caleb Smith. I think it was the right move. When you have the guys we have in the pen you can’t let a rookie who is making his second career start be the reason you lose the game.

Bull Pen day was a fun thing to joke around about but let’s never do it again. We need to go grab a 5th starter who can competently eat innings and keep us in games.


This team is full of heart. They never quit. Gary hits a homer to tie it. Chase comes off the bench and hits a homer to tie it. Gardy with another walk off. It’s absolutely incredible. As incredible as the Rays infielders watching the ball roll around mindlessly.

We’ve got the series, now let’s go get the sweep!

What a fun week!


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