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Yankees Facing Key 40-man Roster Calls in Advance of Tuesday’s Deadline

Will Manny Banuelos be added to the 40-man roster in time to be protected from the Rule V draft? (Photo Credit:

With tomorrow being the deadline for the Yankees to protect some of their players from the annual Rule V draft. If not added to the 40-man roster, each of the players below will be able to be drafted just a couple of weeks from now. There is currently seven open spots, but it is unrealistic to say more than three or four of them should be filled. Additionally, anyone drafted by another team must spend the entire season in the major leagues next year. In the case of Manny Banuelos, he would have to spend a certain number of games in 2014, as he will be on the disabled list for all of 2013 with Tommy John surgery. I’d like to hear who everyone thinks needs protecting on this list. I’ll make my choices known at the bottom of the article.

Here’s the list of those who will be eligible for the draft if not added to the 40-man roster.

Brett Marshall
Nik Turley
Manny Banuelos
Mikey O’Brien
Vidal Nuno
Shaeffer Hall
Craig Heyer
Kelvin Perez
Pat Venditte
Cory Arbiso
Francisco Rondon
Ryan Pope
Caleb Cotham
Manuel Barreda
Jose A. Ramirez
Jeremy Bleich
Ryan Flannery

Ryan Baker
Jeff Farnham
Kyle Higashioka

Luke Murton
Addison Maruszak
Kevin Mahoney
Jose Pirela
Robert Lyerly
Jose Toussen
Carmen Angelini

Cody Johnson
Damon Sublett
Abe Almonte
Neil Medchill
Kelvin De Leon

My choices
Brett Marshall
Nik Turley
Manny Banuelos
Jose A. Ramirez

You’ll notice a trend here. All four players are starting pitchers, which are notoriously easy to hide on a major league roster. Marshall could probably crack the back end of some big league rotations right now, while Turley and Ramirez could easily fill a long relief role in most bullpens, just like the Twins did with Johan Santana years ago. With the way players have come back from Tommy John surgery, it is plausible that Banuelos, if unprotected, could be productive as a long reliever in 2014 for some teams.

Most likely to lose
Addison Maruszak
Cody Johnson

I was torn between making Maruszak my fourth choice over Jose A. Ramirez. Many don’t believe Maruszak is good enough to deserve a 40-man spot, however Trenton’s MVP can play just about anywhere on the field and is a decent hitter. He could likely serve as a utility infielder on a lot of teams, and with the uncertainty in the Yankees infield, could be a valuable asset. Cody Johnson missed most of the season with an injury, but is a pure lefty power hitter in the mold of Adam Dunn.

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