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Cashman: Yankees plan to be ‘careful buyers’ at the trade deadline

While Yankees general manager Brian Cashman convinced his superiors to sit in the cobwebbed sellers chair at the trade deadline last summer, the opportunity for New York to become buyers has returned this July. And on Sunday afternoon at Yankee Stadium, Cashman confirmed that notion.

“I think that our interest would be buyers, but I think we’re gonna be careful buyers,” Cashman told YES Network’s Michael Kay. “We have a long-term plan that I think people are seeing the excitement from, and we’re definitely not gonna deviate from that. Part of that long-term plan is in the short-term — winning now and putting out the best effort possible — but not at the expense of what we feel can lead us to more championships. So I think everything we’re gonna try to do is gonna be in the context of improving us now, as well as continuing to improve us in the future. Whatever we do it’s gonna hurt — that’s the nature of the beast. But that’s at least the walk we’re trying to walk.

“Listen, we hope to do something. But I’m not gonna guarantee anything’s gonna happen. I can promise you this, we’re gonna take a lot of great pains and efforts to have conversations all over the board, make reccommendations. You’ll see if we can conclude something, you’ll see what the results were from that. Who we gave up, who we got, and then people will judge it from that.

“What doesn’t typically happen is the deals you turn down, and you don’t usually share that. But so far I can tell you sticker prices are pretty high, and I’d like to think our fan base would be happy that we’re saying no to a lot of things that have currently been presented to us. But you keep working through it.”

The full interview between Cashman and Kay can be viewed above.

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