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CC Just Another 2015 Question Mark

The last two seasons have not been kind to CC Sabathia. Last year he pitched just 8 games and racked up a 5.28 ERA, the worst ERA of his career. In 2013 he went 14-13, the worst winning percentage of his career, and he ended with 4.78 ERA. It would seem as if he is on the decline, and understandably so since he has pitched 200+ innings in 7 consecutive seasons (8 total.) However, the big man is hopeful for a rebound in 2015.

“Hopefully this year I can go out and try to make 30 starts and just be healthy and try to help the team win,” Sabathia told ESPN.

He avoided serious microfracture surgery on his right knee after he was shut down in July. He had a bone spur removed and was told by doctors that his knee will never be 100% again. It will require constant maintenance for the remainder of his playing career.

David Cone was on WFAN with Mike Francesa on Friday and talked about what Sabathia can do going forward. Coney said he will have to figure out how to switch from a power pitcher to more finesse; one who relies on confusing hitters and changing speeds, not blowing them away

“But it’s tough to go from a four-seam power guy to a two-seam sinker kind of guy, I think he can do it. I really do. With his changeup and sinker, and his good slider, he can throw to both sides of the plate,” Cone said. “He’ll have to throw pitches that look like balls and catch the corners and throw pitches that look like strikes that fall out of the stroke zone. That’s the key to making that transition.”

Whether he can make the transition or not, the Yankees still owe CC $48 million over the next two seasons with a $25 million vesting option or $5 million buyout for 2017.

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