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Giancarlo Stanton tired of Judge comparisons

Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton stands 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighs in at 245 pounds. New York Yankees rookie slugger Aaron Judge stands 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighs in at 282 pounds. Just based on size and stature alone, the comparisons between the two were inevitable.

However, Stanton has heard enough. After one of the most phenomenal months of April for any rookie ever, Stanton is tired of hearing the comparisons between him and the reigning American League Rookie of the Month, Aaron Judge.

Throughout the first few seasons of Stanton’s career, the baseball world has seen some truly majestic home runs out of the Marlins slugger. We have seen some very solid seasons, but no real complete dominant seasons that have been expected out of Stanton based largely on his overwhelming size and paycheck.

Stanton has undoubtedly done some exciting things on the diamond, but due to some unfortunate injuries he has never played a full season for the Fish. Even though he has certainly produced, he has never eclipsed the 40 home run mark in a season, and only reached the 100 RBI mark once. Stanton has never truly dominated the way he has been expected to based on his incredible power.

Enter the Judge.

The Yankees’ rookie entered the major leagues taller, and heavier than Stanton and through Cinco de Mayo, has dominated in ways we all expect Stanton to on a nightly basis. Judge is currently the talk of Major League Baseball. He is must watch television not only when he steps to the plate, but when he gets opportunities in right field as well.

The talk of the major leagues has spilled into Miami, and Stanton has evidently heard enough. With Judge leading the majors with 13 home runs (should be 14, people don’t forget) and Stanton coming in at just over half of Judge’s mark with 7, whether he likes it or not the comps will continue.

If Judge is able to continue this run, Stanton is going to continue to hear the talk and he is going to continue to look up at the Judge. But eventually, Stanton may get his wish and will no longer have to field questions on how comparable Judge is to him at all, because Judge’s name is starting to fall into the same sentences as Jeter, Ruth and Bonds.


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