via Ken Rosenthal |  The Cleveland Indians are one of several clubs that have called the New York Yankees about right fielder Nick Swisher, according to major-league sources. But at this point, Swisher does not appear to be a realistic alternative if the Indians fail to sign free agent Carlos Beltran.

For the Yankees to trade Swisher, they would need a player to replace him in right field. They lack a major-league ready outfield prospect such as the Phillies’ Domonic Brown. And though they would shed Swisher’s $10.25 million salary in a trade, they probably could not find as productive a player on the free-agent market.

The Yankees consider Swisher one of the better right fielders in the game. It is doubtful that they would move him and sign a higher-priced player – they are, in the words of one source, “up against their payroll (limit).”

Maybe the moral of the story is that the Indians continue to search far and wide for offensive solutions. Club officials say they are pursuing every hitter on the market who is not named Prince Fielder. Swisher qualifies.

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  • Nick_DK

    I like Swish but if you get a good return for him and take 10mil of the books for a starter, I wouldn’t so no to trading him. I think he can be replaced. There maybe something on the Yankees landing Cespedes now.

    • Nick_DK

      To add to the “up against their payroll (limit).” doesn’t it just make you hate Randy Levine more. The Soriano deal looks even more useless now.  That 12mil for Rafa is now stopping us from getting a starter Oswalt or Kuroda on a 1 year deal.

  • Myyankees2