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Alex Rodriguez after striking out during Game 2 of the ALCS (Photo: Elsa/Getty Images)

Could A-Rod Be Dealt to Marlins?

Alex Rodriguez after striking out during Game 2 of the ALCS (Photo: Elsa/Getty Images)

New York Yankees president Randy Levine and Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria have discussed the possibility of Alex Rodriguez being traded to the Miami Marlins during the offseason. This potential move was first reported by Keith Olbermann on his MLB.com blog, the report was corroborated earlier Wednesday by Andrew Marchand and Wally Matthews of ESPN New York. According to Marchand, the conversation started off half-jokingly, though it was strongly implied there was interest on both sides in making a deal.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman told reporters that no trade talks regarding Rodriguez had taken place, though he did not deny that they may take place formally this offseason.

“I have had no discussions whatsoever with the Marlins,” Cashman said. “Certainly would never have any trade discussions under the circumstances. I certainly have not had any discussions with any GMs other than the pregame meetings with Dan Duquette with the Orioles, with the umpires and then with Dave Dombrowski. But I’ve had no trade discussions, so false. 100 percent false.”

Marchand’s source claims that Loria believes Rodriguez, who is a Miami native and still lives there during the offseason, would be a great fit for the team and would instantly become an icon to the city. Randy Levine reportedly told Loria that, “you can have him.” Unfortunately for Yankee fans, it is not that simple. In order to complete a trade, the Yankees would likely have to eat most, if not all, of Rodriguez’s contract. Another potential option would be for the Yankees to pick up less of Rodriguez’s contract, but have to take Heath Bell. Bell has $18 million remaining over the next two seasons, plus a $9 million team option, while Rodriguez has $114 million left on a deal that runs through the 2017 season. I have heard that the Yankees would have to pick up roughly $90-$100 million of the $114 remaining on Rodriguez’s contract if there were no removal of Bell from the Marlins’ books.

Rodriguez, 37, has a full no-trade clause, but is rumored to have an interest in finishing his career in his hometown of Miami.

Randy Levine refused to comment when asked about any discussions he has had with Jeffrey Loria.

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