The Yankees’ need for starting pitching has become a hot topic

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It’s time for pundits, broadcasters and journalists to start throwing out crazy trade ideas.

Like, when Alex Rodriguez stated that Madison Bumgarner of the San Francisco Giants could be a potential trade candidate for the New York Yankees. I almost lost my mind. There is no way that Bumgarner would become a Yankee, right? There is no way the Giants would trade one of the greatest postseason pitchers of all time, who is only 28, and has only started one game this season. It just wouldn’t make sense.

As much as any Yankees fan would enjoy the addition of Bumgarner, it seems so farfetched. And it looks like San Francisco Chronicle Giants beat writer Henry Schulman feels the same way. But with the trade deadline seemingly right around the corner on July 31st, these are when wild speculations, or in this case wishes, start rearing their ugly or beautiful heads.

Just wait till this weekend. The Yankees are heading to Citi Field to face their fellow Big Apple brethren in the New York Mets. Sadly, for both Mets and Yankees fans, Citi Field is a notorious pitcher’s ballpark. Its vast green outfields make Yankee Stadium feel tiny.

Since it’s such a pitcher-friendly park, we could see (guess what?!) some dominating pitching. Hopefully from the Yankees, but also from two pitchers who are starting over the weekend and seem to be on a lot of people’s short list for possible Yankees’ additions at the deadline: Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard.

Including the aforementioned Bumgarner, these are two other pitchers that make my jaw drop. Because I would love to have either one of them on the Yankees roster, and because it would be insane for the Mets to trade them. Especially to the Yankees, their in-state rival (always makes me chuckle). deGrom is only 29 and is 4-0 through 12 starts with a 1.49 ERA, good for second best in the game behind number one Yankee villain Justin Verlander.

Syndergaard is only 25 with a 4-1 record and a 3.06 ERA through 11 games. The Yankees would have to give up a treasure trove of prospects (and hopefully Jacoby Ellsbury?!) for either of the stud pitchers.

Also, why on earth would the Mets trade Syndergaard — nicknamed Thor due to his luscious locks — ┬áto the Yankees, who will make him chop it off? If the Mets are going to sell anyone, it should be deGrom because he cut his hair last year. He’s already adapted to the short hair lifestyle. You don’t want to ruin Syndergaard’s awesome nickname.

But wait for it. Wait till you’re watching the games and the announcers (maybe not Michael Kay and company on YES during Friday’s game) like A-Rod on Sunday Night Baseball start talking about the potential of a deGrom or Syndergaard trade. Should we expect a Mets’ beat writer to nix the idea? Probably.

I wrote this article to point out that these three starters are the only ones mentioned that make me ponder about their futures in pinstripes and salivate about how good they could be. These are the ones that make me digest all the trade bait columns and make me dream of championship number 28. Also, how ridiculous of a trade would it be if Brian Cashman could get one of these three? I never underestimate Cash, but still, it should be a challenging endeavor.

Don’t get me wrong, the other starters the media throws out there are fine. Chris Archer: sure, why not? The dude has a canon, but honestly, he should be more like Sonny Gray in pinstripes than Jacob deGrom. Cole Hamels: eh, if this were Philadelphia Phillies’ Cole Hamels, I would be excited. To tell you the truth, watch the Yankees trade for Patrick Corbin of the Arizona Diamondbacks and be lights out. It wouldn’t be sexy, but it might be the perfect move.


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