Spoiled by success

This is the core group of catalysts to the Yankees enjoyed success for more than a decade

For the first time ever, the Bronx Pinstripes writers united yesterday in the place where all of our inspiration is drawn from, Yankee Stadium, as a way of catching up with each other while catching a ballgame on a beautiful day in the Bronx. Our outing was quickly spoiled though by a Yankee loss due […]

Spring Training Game 4 Lineup: 2/26/13

Cano goes deep for his seventh home run of the season.

  Baseball has only begun, but it already looks to be a long tough road ahead for the Yankees. With an early 1-2 spring training record, backed up by a long list of injuries, the team already has their fair share of adversity to combat in 2013. As they try to work with their farm […]

Adversity Again an Antagonist

AN early injury to star outfielder, Curtis Granderson, will leave the Yankees missing his bat and speed to start the 2013 season.

The 2013 baseball season is still very young, but it seems as though it’s starting off the same way it ended in 2012, in shambles. When Derek Jeter had to be helped off the field near the end of the Yankees playoff run last year, it perfectly summarized how the entire season played out for […]

How you like me now?

Everyone is up in arms over last night's dramatic win thanks to the heroics of Raul Ibanez, who's come through in spots like this all season long for the Yanks

There was a lot of skepticism that surrounded the Yankees offseason decision to sign free agent outfielder, Raul Ibanez, to a one year deal. There was doubt that the 40-year-old would have the stamina to contribute at a high level and endure an entire baseball season. On top of that, the club already seemed to […]

Yankees ALDS Game 3 Lineup: 10/10/12

Hiroki Kuroda gave up two and with the weak offense, would get the loss.

Playoff baseball is back in the Bronx tonight for game 3 of the 5-game divisional series against the Orioles. After splitting the first two games in Baltimore, the Yankees need a win tonight in New York to take the advantage in this short set. Hiroki Kuroda will start tonight for the Yankees, and starting pitching […]

Ending the Season with a Bang

Cano hit his ninth home run of the season en route to a win.

With playoff positioning hanging in the balance of last night’s match-ups between the Yankees and Red Sox, as well as the Orioles and Rays, both teams did what they had to do, win. But the Yankees victory was most meaningful, as it laid out the final blueprint for the 2012 MLB playoffs, and they made […]

It Doesn’t Get Better Than This

The Yankees control their own destiny going into the final game of the season, and just one more victory can send them off celebrating another division title

As fall creeps in, n the leaves change on the trees, it symbolically represents the transition from regular-season baseball, to the intense post-season race for a world championship. There’s nothing like the late-season dramatics that build up to the start of the playoffs though and it can’t get much more dramatic for the New York […]

Yankees Game 159 Lineup: 9/30/12


  All tied up again. Once again that’s where things stand for the Yankees and Orioles in the AL East after the Yankees dropped the ball yesterday afternoon, failing to pull out a win and keep pace and the lead over their close competition. Andy Pettitte pitched well, but not well enough being the bomber […]

Yankees Game 158 Lineup: 9/29/12

Staring down another division title, Andy Pettitte can take the Yankees one step closer to it today

The pressure has been on the Yankees over the past few weeks as they’ve been neck and neck with the Baltimore Orioles battling for the top spot in the AL East. Winning 12 of their last 16 games, they’ve certainly responded to the pressure in a big way, but they don’t have any room for […]

Yankees Game 144 Lineup: 9/15/12

Ivan Nova

Once again the ace in the Bronx failed to produce a quality start for the club, resulting in another loss for C.C. Sabathia, three straight, and another opportunity for the Yankees to pull ahead in the division wasted. Luckily for them though, the Orioles missed out on the same chance losing to the A’s last […]

Yankees Game 143 Lineup: 9/14/12


As the road to the postseason shortens, it gets rougher for the Yankees as well. Traveling this last stretch has been extremely difficult for them, as it seems they’ve hit every pothole along the way. The Bombers are 9-11 in their last 20 games and have watched their division lead fade away as they’ve recently […]

Yankees Game 139 Lineup: 9/8/12

C.C. and the rest of the Yankee lineup need to be pumped up for this game tonight and bring home a big win

  Back on top in the AL East are the Yankees after a key win last night in Baltimore. It’s been a back and forth battle for them in the past week or so and for today, they maintain sole possession of first place in their division. The offense seems to be waking up slightly […]

Yankees 130 Lineup: 8/30/12

C.C. Sabathia will shoot for another solid start since his return from the DL

Phil Hughes continued the success of the starting rotation last night by putting on a stellar seven-inning performance, giving up just four hits and one earned run as the Yankees held on tightly and edged out the Blue Jays by a score of 2-1. Yankee ace, C.C. Sabathia will look to provide his club with […]

Yankees Game 128 Lineup: 8/27/12

David Phelps finds himself back in the starting rotation tonight, this time filling in for the injured Ivan Nova

After taking two of three games from the Indians in Cleveland, the Yankees head back to the Bronx for a home-stand that opens with the first of a three-game set against the Blue Jays. As they inched slightly further ahead in the division ranks, the Yankees will look for the success to continue in their […]

Yankees Game 126 Lineup: 8/25/12

Hiroki Kuroda  has been one of the best starters this year for the club. They hope for another stellar performance tonight in order to maintain the division lead.

C.C. Sabathia made his return from the DL last night in a big way. He looked better than 100% after going 7.1 innings, allowing four hits, just one earned run, and struck out nine batters as the Yankees picked up a much-needed win and slightly extended their narrow division lead. Tonight they will look for […]

Joba Struggles Since Return to Yankees

Joba has had a rocky go on the mound since returning to the team from injury

After turning out a solid season in 2011, expectations were high for Joba Chamberlain to be a reliable contributor out of the bullpen again this year. But due to a freak offseason injury that left Chamberlain with a broken ankle, he was forced to sit out for the majority of 2012. Since his return to […]

Eric Chavez: A Diamond Off The Bench

With Alex Rodriguez on the DL, Eric Chavez has filled the void by outshining the former star in front of him.

When a key position player player goes down with an injury, it usually sends managers scrambling to fill the void immediately, so they seek help from their bench, farm system, or possible trades. Replacing a high caliber player isn’t always the easiest task and the same production out of that backup isn’t normally expected. The […]

Cano Makes History in Grand Fashion

Robinson Cano made history Wednesday afternoon with one swing of the bat

Amidst the Yankees seven-run outburst Wednesday in the third inning against the Oriole’s, Robinson Cano marked the history books and took another step to becoming one of the greatest second-basemen to ever play the game. Before the rain started to fall in the Bronx, with the bases loaded, Cano started the storm by cracking a […]

Series Preview: Red Sox @ Yankees

Yanks:Sox boxing gloves

Not many people would’ve predicted that going into a series at the end of July, there would be a 10.5 game gap between AL East rivals, Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. Despite an unimaginable amount of adversity stacked against the Yankees all season long, they’ve fought their way to the top of the […]

Suzuki Brings Much-Needed Speed to Yankees

Ichiro was welcomed to the Yankees last night in a surprise trade

  To the surprise of many in the baseball world, especially in New York, the Yankees made a trade yesterday to bring the speedy veteran, Ichiro Suzuki, to the club. Just hours before the team was about to square off with the Seattle Mariners, it was announced that Suzuki would be suiting up for the […]