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(FILE PHOTO: Date Unknown) MLB Baseball - New York Yankees Joe Dimaggio and Boston Red Sox Ted Williams. (Photo by Bill Green/Sporting News via Getty Images)

On this day in Yankees history – Joltin’ Joe wins controversial MVP award

On this day in 1941, Joe DiMaggio won his 2nd MVP award, edging out Ted Williams in one of the most controversial MVP votes in baseball history.

The argument for The Yankee Clipper is that he led the Yankees to the 1941 World Series title, while hitting .357 on the season with 30 HRs, 125 RBIs, and 122 runs scored. From May 15 to July 16, DiMaggio amassed an incredible 56-game hitting streak that will never be broken.

The argument for Ted Williams was that he hit .406 on the season, the last MLB player to hit over .400 in a season. He hit 37 HRs, with 120 RBIs, 135 Rs, and an amazing .553 OBP. It was quite a historic season for Teddy Ballgame.

What are your thoughts? Did DiMaggio deserve the MVP award, or was Williams robbed?