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Are you ready for October Madness?

There’s no debate over what’s the best time to be a sports fan. It’s the first weekend of March Madness, when there’s 48 college basketball tournament games over a 4 day period. According to WebMD, this weekend is popular for two things: sitting on the couch and watching basketball and men scheduling vasectomies so they have a built-in excuse to take off work and sit on the couch and watch basketball. Seriously, according to that study, vasectomies are up 30% during that week compared to an average week.

Where am I going with this? Well, March Madness has some new competition this year from what I’m calling October Madness. Over the next 4 days, we could have 24 playoff baseball games. Seriously, 24. There will be 8 games on tomorrow, take a look at this beautiful and insane schedule.

Just like March Madness, there’s even a bracket:

Some may say 24 games and a 16 team bracket can’t measure up to March Madness. To which I say, playoff baseball > college basketball games.

We finally made it. After waiting anxiously for the season to start due to COVID and then due to Rob Manfred’s incompetence and then missing games because the Marlins may or may not have gone to a strip club and grinding out the past weekend to see who was playing who, it’s finally here. Playoff baseball.

What happened during the 60 game regular season doesn’t matter. The Yankees are more or less healthy and it’s time for the big bats to put Cleveland and every other team in its place. Because it’s 2020 I’m sure the Marlins and Astros will meet in the World Series, but right now I don’t care because for the next 4 days, baseball will be injected straight into my veins.

Starting at 2pm today, I know where I’ll be. On my couch and since we’re still in a quarantine, I’m able to watch as much playoff baseball as I want without needing the vasectomy excuse.

You have a few hours before the madness starts, so make sure you check out our playoff preview podcast and hype videos:

Let’s f-ing go!!!

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