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Bold predictions for the 2020 Yankees short season

Last night baseball officially returned. Was it a little weird? Yes. Did the rain kill our buzz? Kind of. Either way it was good to see Gerrit Cole on the mound in a Yankee uniform and Giancarlo Stanton hitting a missile all the way to the White House. The return of baseball also means it is bold predictions time for The Bronx Pinstripes Show. We normally do five, but since the season is abbreviated (and Scott couldn’t come up with five) we did four bold predictions.

Check out the full episode from last night where we react to the Yankees’ opening night rain-shortened win as well as give bold predictions.

Andrew’s Bold Predictions

1) Miguel Andujar will start less than 20 games (1/3rd of the season).

2) Mike Tauchman will start more games than Brett Gardner.

3) Michael King will be the Yankees Swiss Army Knife of pitchers (starter, opener, reliever… whatever) and have a 3.75 ERA.

4) There will be an agreement to expand playoffs to 8 teams per league and the Yankees will pick the Twins as their opponent (this means MIN will not win the Central division). NOTE: This prediction was based on Buster Olney’s report that division winners would pick their opponents, which we have since learned is not the case. Too bad.

Scott’s Bold Predictions

1) Aaron Judge will hit 20 home runs.

2) The Yankees will go 10-0 vs Baltimore and 3-0 vs Miami. Undefeated!

3) Mike Ford will take the starting first base job from Luke Voit.

4) JA Happ will win 7 games.