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Hughes calls out Happy Fun Ball™ on Gardy’s oppo taco homer

BRONX, N.Y. — During Monday night’s game in the Bronx, Brett Gardner hit a home run for the New York Yankees in the third inning. Oh, but his homer off Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Jake Arrieta wasn’t just any home run. Gardy went oppo taco with a liner to left off an 87.5 mph changeup. It appears Happy Fun Ball ™ helped Gardy’s cause on Monday night.

This spurred Twitter savant and former teammate, Phil Hughes, to bust his chops and question what the heck is going on with the baseball? Don’t quote me but I’m pretty sure Gardner’s lone opposite-field poke was an inside the parker during a May game against the Minnesota Twins at Yankee Stadium in 2009.

Speaking of busting chops, there’s another twist to our story. During the rain delay, it appears some prankster in the Yankee clubhouse printed out Hughsey’s tweet and placed it on a chair in front of Gardner’s locker. Funny stuff.