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I love to hate Clint Frazier, but he’s making it hard

I’ve never been a Clint Frazier fan. It’s just something about his face that annoys me, but 2020 Clint is sure making it hard to keep my dislike for him going strong.

Clint’s Journey

Clint was projected to be one of the best back in the 2013 draft where he was selected fifth overall by the Cleveland Indians, 27 picks before the Yankees selected Aaron Judge. Since then, Clint has never quite lived up to the hype. After three seasons in the Indians minor league system, Clint found his way to the Yankees in a package deal for Andrew Miller.

Since joining the Yankees Clint has had an interesting ride. In July 2017, Clint made his major league debut for the Yankees, doubling in his first at bat and homering in his next. Only 8 days after his debut, he hit his first walk off home run. It seemed like things were looking up and then boom, injury.

After the 2017 season Frazier dealt with ongoing concussion symptoms that were sustained after an unpleasant interaction with the left field wall in a grapefruit league game. The concussion left Frazier out for almost the entire 2018 season.


2019 was another big opportunity for Clint who seemed to be fully healthy. He started the season in the minors but was quickly up with the team after injury plagued the Yankees outfield. Frazier came up and hit like a mad man, something that was never an issue, but his defense was a whole different story. Clint looked like he couldn’t play little league outfield, let alone be a starting outfielder for the New York Yankees.

It seemed as though Frazier couldn’t catch or track a ball if his life depended on it. Frazier was quickly sent back down after a mid season acquisition and stayed there.

Big Mouth

Clint Frazier’s big problem wasn’t just his defense, although it’s pretty pathetic that my eight year old nephew can track a ball better. His mouth has also been a big issue. For someone who had so many problems on the field, Clint had no real problem talking to media or posting messages on twitter. He had a back and forth with Micheal Kay, whose job is to talk about New York sports.

After a horrible game in right field, Frazier refused to talk to press at all and left his teammates to speak for him. After the incident, Clint claimed to be a “victim of the media”, but that’s just New York.

2020 is Different

Things started looking up from the start for Frazier in 2020. It started with the change in batting stance.

Then came the change in attitude:

“I think it’s pretty natural to let your mind wander to those areas. But something I’ve learned the last couple years is to stop trying to play GM. I have a role. I don’t know what that role is going to be and I guess as the season continues to unfold, we’ll figure out what all of our roles might be,” Frazier said last month. “Hopefully it’s one that gets to play a big part and a consistent role if I earn it.”

Next was the mask. Clint told media he planned to wear a mask the entire 2020 season showing some serious maturity he seemed to be lacking in pervious seasons.

It seems as though Clint Frazier took this off-season to revaluate both his playing and his personality.

First Game Back

I still wasn’t convinced Frazier was ready to be a Yankee but after Wednesday’s game against the Braves; I just might have to be little bit nicer. Frazier, in his season debut, went 3-for-4 with a monster masked home run in the second, single in the third, and doubled in the fifth. Most impressive in my opinion? He didn’t have any outfield nightmares.

I still need to see more from Clint Frazier before I’ll join the “Clint needs to start in left field club” but things are certainly looking up for Clint.

I promise to leave my disparaging tweets in the past and give Clint the chance everyone seems to think he so desperately deserves, but this is the last time. This seems like a make or break season for Clint Frazier, so here’s to hoping he makes it this time.