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I’m gonna need the Yankees to do something soon

The Indians just traded Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco to the Mets. I’m mad, but not for the same reasons people might think.

I’m not upset because it’s the other New York baseball team making the move. It was clear that Steve Cohen was going to immediately upgrade the Mets’ roster. I’ve said from the start that the Mets were the most likely landing spot for Lindor.

I also wasn’t surprised that Lindor wouldn’t be a Yankee. Did I daydream a bit about the possibility? Sure.

But at the end of the day, I knew it was a pipe dream for two main reasons:

  1. Lindor has one year of control and will get a lucrative contract extension next offseason, which the Yankees probably wouldn’t have given him
  2. DJ LeMahieu is the Yankees’ main focus

So I’m not mad about the Mets making this trade, or missing out on Lindor. I’m furious because Carlos Carrasco would have been a perfect addition for the Yankees.

Why Carrasco would have been a great fit

I’ve been consistent that while the return of LeMahieu is important, the Yankees’ biggest need is starting pitching. More specifically, a number two starter behind Gerrit Cole in the rotation.

Carrasco would have fit this description for a variety of reasons.

Carrasco is a great pitcher who’s controllable with a team friendly contract. I wasn’t sure whether the Indians would trade him, but since he was available, I’m furious he isn’t a Yankee.

So why didn’t the Yankees make the move?

I’ll play devil’s advocate and assume why this trade didn’t get done. First off, because of the reasons I listed above about Lindor. The Yankees probably weren’t going to pay him, and DJ remains their priority.

It’s also possible the Indians didn’t want to trade Lindor and Carrasco in the AL. They traded Trevor Bauer and Mike Clevinger to National League teams, so it isn’t surprising they tried to keep their franchise shortstop and number two starting pitcher out of the AL as well.

A Lindor/Carrasco trade could have taken care of the Yankees two biggest needs in one shot. I can understand why a Lindor contract extension would’ve scared them with what they already have on the books. But given the Mets’ package to get them was relatively insignificant, it’s still probably something I would have done.

There’s only one way to make this right. Re-sign DJ & trade for a Kyle Hendricks/Luis Castillo caliber starting pitcher. It’s been a slow offseason, but teams are starting to make moves. The Yankees need to become one of them.