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Kevin Cash is a joke

Kevin Cash is a great manager. No doubt about that. But he came off unbelievably poorly last night.

Let’s go back to the start of this Yankees/Rays beef, the “that’s for you bitch” game in late 2018. The Rays’ postgame broadcasters claimed this was “started by CC Sabathia.” Well, I went back and took a look at that game. Saying CC started anything could not be further from the truth.

CC hits a guy pretty clearly unintentionally. The Rays respond by throwing at Romine’s head with the first pitch of the next inning. Cash admitted in his postgame press conference last night that that incident was intentional.

Not only did Cash admit to throwing at Romine in 2018, he also threatened to have the Rays throw at the Yankees in the future. “I got a whole damn stable full of guys that throw 98 MPH” is such a reckless and unprofessional quote from a manager. You have to be better than that. That quote directly endangers both teams that will take the field tonight. Cash won’t have to step into the batter’s box, but his own players will. It’s pathetic.

As far as Chapman’s intent, I get where people are coming from. The guy isn’t a model citizen, I think even most Yankee fans can agree on that. But trying to hit Brosseau makes no sense in that spot.

If your takeaway is that someone who throws as hard and has as little control as Chapman shouldn’t be throwing up and in, I agree. However, Kittredge’s three-game suspension for throwing at Romine’s head was ultimately rescinded by MLB. If he wasn’t punished for clearly headhunting, why should Chapman be suspended for possibly trying to hit Brosseau? Because he throws harder and Cash whined about it postgame?

Let’s not forget, Cash had the Rays throwing high-and-tight to the Yankees consistently a few weeks back. When he was asked about that, he said, “We’re trying to do everything we can to win the game. And that’s kind of where I’ll leave it.” But when the Yankees employ the same strategy, Cash says it’s “poor judgement. Poor coaching. Poor teaching.” Pick a side, Kevin.

I respect the Rays as a team. I respect Cash as a manager. But his handling of this entire situation has been pathetic. I just wish we had this guy on the mound tonight.