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Lookout! Ken Singleton appreciation post

Since the 1997 season, Yankees fans have been lucky enough to hear Ken Singleton call games as a part of MSG and then the YES Network. The former longtime MLB outfielder has been a key part of the Yankees broadcast team and some memorable calls.

Over the past couple of years, Singleton has flirted with retirement while limiting the number of games he’s called. At the end of last season, which was supposed to be his final, he hinted that he may return for a few more games for the opportunity to go out with fans in the stadium.

From his famous “Lookout!” to “This one is gone!” calls, it is always enjoyable listening to Singleton.


Any time a batter gets hit or drives a foul ball into the stands, Singleton is always quick to shout “Lookout!” This clip features Singleton on the mic when Mark Teixeira gets plunked.

Early Yankees Days

Back in 1997, the Yankees broadcasting booth was a little different. Here Singleton is joined by Jim Kaat calling Wade Boggs’ relief appearance against the Angels.

In the Studio

Singleton could also be seen in the YES studio explaining his batting approach to hitting difficult pitches like the knuckleball.

On the Field

And finally, just a reminder that Singleton isn’t only great in the booth. Long before he joined the Yankees he was an excellent outfielder for the Baltimore Orioles.

Hopefully, we will get to hear a bit more from Singleton this year before he retires his microphone for good.