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New replay rules place emphasis on speed

BRONX, N.Y. — Amid all of the new rules in MLB for 2023, one has gotten lost in the shuffle. It has gone unnoticed because there is no replay in spring training. Yet, it will impact how teams challenge plays this season.

The new rules have yet another time clock element to them.

A manager must raise his hands immediately to the umpire for a challenge. After his hands go up, the umpire begins a 15-second replay clock. The manager has 15 seconds to decide to challenge or the challenge request will be denied.

Previously, managers had 10 seconds to decide to signal to the umpire for a challenge and 20 seconds to decide to challenge.

Apparently, the main idea of changing this rule is to avoid the hemming and hawing and discussion adding more time stoppage between making a decision.

Honestly, MLB could cut out a lot of the time by modernizing its replay system and having a booth umpire/replay central in New York buzz down if they see a call that needs to be looked at or overturned. Ultimately, instant replay should be about making the correct calls on the field.