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Ozzie Guillen still hates Nick Swisher

Well, it is safe to say that Nick Swisher is still not popular with the Chicago White Sox. Former White Sox manager, Ozzie Guillen, randomly blurted out that he, “hates Nick Swisher with all his heart,” while providing postgame analysis.

During Swisher’s playing career, he played for Guillen during the 2008 season in Chicago. The White Sox saw Swisher as a middle of the lineup bat that would add some energy into the lineup. They dealt a trio of prospects, including Gio Gonzalez, for the slugging outfielder. Unfortunately, Swisher struggled in Chicago as his batting average plummeted to .219. Despite swatting 24 homers, Swisher found himself on the bench late in the season. After the year, the White Sox would send him to the Bronx where he quickly became a fan favorite.

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What makes the interview so odd is that Guillen mentions he never really talked to Swisher. Instead, he saw his personality as “all fake” and that Swisher stayed in Chicago for “one year too long.” While Swisher has a large personality, he was universally loved as a Yankee. Furthermore, what kind of manager doesn’t talk to one of his players? Especially if that player is struggling.

Today, Swisher is still a frequent face around the New York Yankees while Guillen hasn’t managed since he was fired by the Miami Marlins after a controversial interview about Fidel Castro. Maybe if Guillen talked to his players instead of the media he would have lasted more than one season.

Editor’s note: The White Sox have not reached the postseason since trading Swisher in 2008.