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The Yankees need a Warrior

After another rough series against the Rays, the Yankees find themselves in the cellar of the AL East. While there is still plenty of season left, the Yankees are in need of a bit of a spark. With the likes of Judge, Torres, Stanton, Frazier, Hicks, and really most of the team struggling, the team needs to find some emotion to help turn the season around.

Currently, the Yankees need a bit of a rallying cry to light a fire under the team. Instead, fans are left watching a passive Aaron Boone while Aaron Judge hits gum after striking out.

Past Warriors

It’s hard to look at Yankees history and not think ofย the warrior, Paul O’Neill. Watching baseball in the late-90s, fans could be expected to see O’Neill take out his personal or team frustrations on a water cooler. O’Neill wore his emotions on his sleeve, making him loved by fans and players alike.

Joining O’Neill in the 90’s was Jorge Posada. Posada was a force behind the plate and would ensure the Yankees were being treated with respect by their opponents. Posada’s fiery leadership was a perfect contrast to the captain Derek Jeter.

Finally, CC Sabathia was an emotional leader. His fights with Tampa were legendary and he was extremely respected in the locker room. When he spoke the team listened.

Potential Sparkplugs

What the Yankees need is someone who is willing to show some emotion after a bad at-bat. This team has enough pop-outs that someone can break a bat or water cooler. For starters, Luke Voit will do it when he comes back. But the Yankees can’t afford to wait until May to show emotion.

The first person that comes to mind is Rougned Odor. The newly acquired Odor is most known for his emotion against the Blue Jays and it would be a welcomed sight to see a bit more emotion in the Bronx. Next is Clint Frazier. Clint talks a big game on social media but he’s left quite a bit to be desired on the field so far. In the midst of a super-slump, at least earn some playing time by being a high-energy guy.

Finally, it’s time for Gleyber Torres to show some emotion. Guys like Stanton and Judge are too far into their careers while Gary just doesn’t seem like an emotional person. Torres was once a top prospect but he’s no longer the super young kid. While he is struggling to start the year, it is a perfect time to step up as an emotional leader.