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Yankees as summer things

It’s back! The series everyone loves to hate. I’ve done Yankees as Thanksgiving foods, Yankees as Christmas things, Yankees as parts of a taco, and Yankees as Mario characters. Now that summer is approaching, I thought I would dip back into the bad photoshop and do Yankees as summer things. Here they are:

Ice cream: Jose Trevino

Sometimes on a really hot summer day you crave something that will cool you off. That’s where ice cream comes in. It’s a sweet treat that is also somewhat refreshing. To me, that sounds like Jose Trevino. Trevino has definitely been a sweet treat for Yankees fans so far this season, playing like a top catcher on both sides of the ball. Now, he won’t always be sweet. Surely there will be some regression (I hope not but I’m being realistic). Just like you probably won’t be having ice cream everyday, Trevino won’t be having three-hit nights everyday. But every once in a while, he’ll be there to provide you that treat you’ve been so desiring.

Pool: Matt Blake

Another thing to refresh you when you’re hot and sweaty is to jump into a pool. You may be sweating because it’s hot, but maybe you’re just really nervous about something. There’s no better way to get rid of the sweats than by getting into a nice cool pool. Similarly, when a pitcher is sweating out there on the mound, there is nothing more refreshing and calming that having Matt Blake coming out and talk with you. He just has that effect.

Sand: Aaron Hicks

Many people get excited to head to the beach. It sounds nice to lay on the sand and listen to the waves. Just like it sounded nice to hear Aaron Hicks thought of himself as a 30-30 player. However, sand can get in everything and everywhere, just like Hicks getting into the lineup day after day. And you for sure do not want to take sand home, just as Hicks doesn’t want to hit anyone home.

Lifeguard: Anthony Rizzo

Every pool and beach needs a life guard. Who better than Rizzo? He routinely saves his infielders at first, so it should be an easy transition for him to become a lifeguard in his post-baseball days.

Summer love: Nestor Cortes

You know that special person you met at camp? You instantly fell in love, but at the end of the summer you may never see them again. That person sounds just like Nestor. Of course, we love Nestor year-round, but we see the most of him in the summer during the baseball season. But we will always remember him and love all of him, from his pitching abilities to his mustache.

Camp counselor: Aaron Boone

Speaking of camp, someone needs to watch over all the kids and keep them in line. But they should also be fun. Let me introduce you to everyone’s favorite counselor, Aaron Boone:

Sunburn: Aaron Judge

He’s always red-hot, so I’m sure he will be causing lots of sunburn in New York this summer.