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BP Team 2019 Predictions!

With opening day (finally!) coming this week, it’s time for our annual predictions! We do this every year, and it’s always great to have these to look back on and make fun of ourselves. Last year, I think the only accurate prediction I made was that Bob Melvin would win AL MOY. Because that’s clearly what’s important.

So, without further ado, here are the BP Team’s 2019 Predictions!

Since this is a Yankee blog, we all naturally picked the Yankees to win the division and the Red Sox to win the first wild card. The only differences here are with the second wild card. Most of us think that wild card team will come from the AL West, I picked the Twins, and Milan thinks the Rays will find a way to sneak in. We all have the Yankees winning 96 – 104 games which seems like a nice, albeit slightly optimistic range. Most of the projections have them right around 94-97 wins for reference. And most importantly, we all have the Yankees advancing to the World Series!

In the NL, you see A LOT more parity, which speaks to how those teams actually tried to improve this offseason unlike most of the AL. Other than agreeing that the Dodgers will win the NL West, our predictions are all over the place. I liked how the Cardinals improved over the winter by adding Andrew Miller and Paul Goldschmidt. And we all believe that the 2019 Yankees will be crowned World Series champions!

We now move into the awards section of predictions. It’s nice to see that we all agree Mike Trout is a god and that Aaron Judge is most likely to crush it this year. New $260 million man Nolan Arenado is our consensus for NL MVP. Our Cy Young picks are a bit all over the place with Chris Sale, Gerrit Cole, and Max Scherzer the highest vote getters. I said it last year, and I’ll say it again: Chris Sale is my Cy Young pick until he finally wins one. We had a few choices for Yankee Cy Young which speaks to the star power of this year’s rotation and some beautiful optimism about CC.

Now we get into some of the more fun and obscure categories. We all had different answers about breakout prospects, so hopefully the system has a nice year and the Yankees rank in the top farm systems once again. Due to tech issues I can’t see all the emoji choices for Ottavino, but Didi certainly has some options to work with. I’m personally a fan of Drew’s idea of the Coors Light emoji J You can clearly see how much faith we all have in Jacoby Ellsbury, and most of us think the Yankees will set another new team home run record. And we have some Greg Bird truthers other than Andrew on the team!

I’ll let this one speak for itself. Thanks for reading and check back after the season to make fun of us!

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