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Kelly Nash
Kelly Nash coaching RBI baseball in Newark, NJ (Photo provided by Kelly Nash)

Our exclusive interview with Kelly Nash

Just about any time of day or night, you can find Kelly Nash on the MLB Network. The rising star hosts “The Rundown” Monday – Friday at 2 pm ET. At 4 pm ET, you’ll find her and co-host Scott Braun in real time on Facebook and Instagram on the “Show to Be Named Later” (STBNL), and she can be seen here and there hosting “Quick Pitch” and “Plays of the Week”.

Kelly the Brainiac

Kelly earned not one, but two Master’s degrees over a 3-1/2 year period. Her first Master’s degree was in Youth Development Leadership from Clemson University. Her second was in TV Broadcast Journalism from the University of Miami.

Kelly Nash
Kelly Nash hosting MLB Network’s The Rundown (photo provided by Kelly Nash)

BP:  Players Weekend (August 25-27) was a great opportunity for Major League Baseball to promote the game and for players to let their hair down a bit. We saw special uniforms, cleats, and hats. Even the Yankees, the only team never to have had names on the backs of the jerseys, took part.  What number and saying would be on the back of your jersey?

KN: I love No. 8…. And my producer, Jason Roy, started the nickname around here for me: “Ninja Nash” for three reasons: 1) I wear black athletic gear to work every day 2) I am always sprinting around the building, and 3) I work in my office with the lights off.

BP: And, what song is blaring over the stadium speakers as you come up to bat?

KN: “Hypnotize” by Notorious B.I.G. would be my walk-up song. Safe to say it’s fair game now that Jeter retired.

She was Born in a Small Town…

Kelly grew up outside Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in a small town called Davie. Her Dad, Ed, owned a boat and they would go boating together at least once a month. While teaching her how to fish, she almost caught a hammerhead shark, but it ripped the line.

Kelly Nash
Kelly Nash ready to rake (photo provided by Kelly Nash)

BP: All that we’ve been hearing for the last couple of years is the Yankees are going to go all out to sign Bryce Harper when he inevitably opts out of his contract after the 2018 season. But, if you could only add one player out of Harper, Manny Machado (possible FA after 2018),  Mike Trout (requires trade),  and Giancarlo Stanton (requires trade) to your team,  who would it be and why?

KN: Mike Trout… Is it even a question? One day my grandkids will be jealous that I got to see him play just like I am (jealous) of my grandparents with icons before my time.

BP: How long is the prep for the STBNL? How do you decide what to talk about it?

KN: We have two producers, Tim and Billy, who work on the show and formulate the outline. Scott Braun and I prep for about 15 minutes pre-show.

The Rundown

After meeting with producers for the MLB Network show “The Rundown” from 9:30-10am, Kelly spends the rest of the day until show time reading and writing her own material.

Kelly Nash
Kelly Nash and STBNL co-host Scott Braun (photo provided by Kelly Nash)

BP: Tell us about the volunteer baseball coaching you do?

KN: I’ve been coaching little league RBI baseball for five seasons now in Newark, New Jersey. The kids are angel babies. I just adore them. Learning from Coach Vin has been so much fun. They light up my life. MLB Network’s features department did a beautiful job with this video on our time together: Play Ball with Newark RBI.

BP: No Yankees home run is complete without John Sterling’s “artistic” call.  What would his home run call be for you?

KN: Nashy is Nashty!!!

BP: With apologies to Bobby Pickett and “The Monster Mash”, I was thinking: “She did the Nash, the baseball Nash…the baseball Nash…it was a home run smash!” Being his partner Suzyn Waldman was a seasoned Broadway performer, I think they could do a nice harmony on it.

Can you smell what the Nash is cooking?

Kelly once auditioned for The Food Network back in college. She didn’t get a job there, but she looks forward to the day she can fit getting a culinary degree into her schedule.

Kelly Nash
Kelly Nash with the 2017 MLB Amateur draftees (photo provided by Kelly Nash)

BP: Ok, a tough one now: Do you think Mariano Rivera will break the voting record when he’s elected to the Hall of Fame? If not, why?

KN: There is nothing to say that Mariano Rivera does not deserve to be the first unanimous selection to the Hall of Fame. Personally, he was my favorite interview in my baseball career.  But we know how the voters are. We know it won’t happen. There will be one or two who leave him off the ballot. [Insert eye roll]

Her Own U.N.

Kelly would be Ancestry.com’s dream come true. She’s English, Irish, Swedish, and Portuguese. Her great-grandfather came over to the US from Portugal.

BP: What does the future hold for Kelly Nash?

KN: Hmmmmmm….. I want to be a news anchor one day; I want my own cooking show; I want to act; I want a family… We’ll see 🙂

BP: Thanks, Kelly!
KN: Absolutely!