Yankees Player of the Week: April 1-7

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Kevin Youkilis takes his first swings in Pinstripes AGAINST the Red Sox to start 2013

Each Monday during the 2013 season, I will be selecting a player of the week for the Yankees from Monday to Sunday from the previous week. There is no requirement for this selection. The only requirement is that the player contributed the most during the week, whether it’s an offensive player hitting .400 on the week, or a starting pitcher having a dominating performance or two throughout the week, or even a reliever blowing hitters away.

For week 1 of the 2013 season, the player of the week is goatee-less Kevin Youkilis. In his 1st week in pinstripes, Youkilis was quick to shut the haters up. In six games, he batted a solid .409, with 4 doubles, a home run, and 4 RBI’s. He not only drove runners in with his bat, he scored 4 runs himself. When he wasn’t getting on base, he was hitting the ball hard all over the field. After the 1st week of the season, Youk is leading the Yankees in BA (.409); OBP (.480); SLG (.727); and OPS (1.207). I will admit that when the Yanks first signed Youkilis, I questioned the move. It did not take long for him to prove me and the other fans wrong. He is going to have a fantastic year with the bombers.

Do you agree or disagree with this choice? If you could select someone else, who would you pick and why? Please leave comments below.

Honorable Mention:
1) Francisco Cervelli (.308 BA; .438 OBP; 1 HR; 5 RBI)
2) Andy Pettitte (1 W; 8 IP; 1.13 ERA; 1.13 WHIP)
3) Vernon Wells (.294 BA; .429 OBP; 2 HR; 4 RBI)
4) Travis Hafner (.350 BA; .409 OBP; 1 HR; 2 RBI)

I have been a lifelong Yankee fan ever since my father took me to my first game when I was a child. We had seats in the first row, right next to the Yankees dugout. From that moment, I was hooked. I am constantly chatting about the Yankees on Twitter, so please follow me and join in the conversation (@brian_capozzi).
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  • Jimmy Kraft

    I said this back in January on a site that shall remain nameless, but Youk needed to have a fast start to get Yanks fans behind him. He’s the team’s most dangerous hitter right now and is forcing pitchers to pitch to Cano (who has yet to come back from the Dominican Republic). If he can keep it up until Grandy and Tex come back, I think the Yankee faithful will realize just how good Youk is and put aside at least some of their hatred toward him.

    • http://twitter.com/Brian_Capozzi Pooser

      I agree Jimmy. If the Yanks can play .500 baseball through April, I think they will be fine. Sabathia will find his form, and Ichiro/Cano will find their swings eventually. I am not panicking yet.

  • Elizabeth

    Youkilis is an excellent choice. However, my first thought was Cervelli because of his offensive and defensive performances. He seemingly came out of the woodwork and just played great baseball. I’ve been following him since his first appearance in spring training a few years back and was excited to see that he is performing with the same passion and with much more offensive skill. He’ll be an excellent catcher for the next few years. Let’s keep this one, yeah?

    • http://twitter.com/Brian_Capozzi Pooser

      Thanks for the comment Elizabeth. Cervelli was a VERY close 2nd. I looked a lot at the fact that Youk was coming into the Bronx with hostile fans who did not care for him and he came through strong to start the season. I am expecting big things from Cervelli this year as the everyday catcher, and I am sure he will get the recognition he deserves this season.

    • Jimmy Kraft

      I’d like to see more than one week of “more offensive skill” before simply anointing him with that designation. Cervelli is very streaky with the bat and he’s still relatively unknown in regards to how well his offense holds up over an entire season as the starter, especially as a catcher.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love what he’s doing…but I want to see more.

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