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Blake Rutherford talks Yankees fandom and playing tee-ball at age 3

Blake Rutherford, the highly-touted Yankees outfield prospect, joined us this week on The Bronx Pinstripes Show (@YankeesPodcast).

Blake talked about the support system he had in high school, his experiences playing pro baseball for the first time this past summer, and growing up in Southern California dreaming of one day playing for his favorite team, the New York Yankees.

Blake discusses being a Yankees fan and picking-up baseball at a young age at the 13:40 mark.

When asked about missing the start to the 1990’s Yankees Dynasty, he said, “I did miss the glory years, but I feel like I did pick up baseball at an earlier age than most. I started playing baseball when I was three-years old.” He went on to say, “I do go back and watch videos of the glory days of the Yankees, just hoping and dreaming that one day I can be a part of something as special as those guys and teams were able to do. It looks like there’s no better feeling than winning a championship in New York.”

I guess it should not surprise us that Rutherford, the 18th overall pick in the 2016 draft, was playing baseball at an early age. Three years old is pretty insane to be playing organized baseball with his older brother and friends, though. It shows Blake’s natural ability that the Yankees hope translates to the big leagues very soon.

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