Yankees Game 69 Lineup: 06/22/12

Andy Pettitte is really warming up and he gets the start in tonight's series opener with the Mets at Citi Field.

The Yankees had an off day yesterday and return to baseball today with a trip across the city for another for another weekend Subway Series against the Mets. The Yankees enter the series coming off of a two-game losing streak, their first since the end of May. They swept the Mets last time when they […]

Cano No Help This Year

Despite decent offensive numbers, Robinson Cano's misleading stats haven't been to beneficial to the Yankees so far this season.

Compared to the last few seasons where the Yankees have become accustomed to the consistent production from the bat of Robinson Cano, there hasn’t been too much of the same on display this season. His .299 batting average, 14 home runs, and 33 RBIs that pad his stats this year are a bit misleading, because […]

Yogi Berra: An Unconventional Legend

Yogi Berra is the most unforgettable, unconventional, legendary catcher in Yankee and baseball history

  His husky build on top of his short, 5’ 7” stature, didn’t make for the most athletic frame. And his unorthodox style of play cast a constant shadow of doubt that he could ever make it as a professional ballplayer. But what he lacked in size and support, he made up for with his […]

Lessons in the Bronx

It all started here...

  April 18, 1923. On this date, a grand coliseum opened its gates for the first time– thus the evil empire was born. No, I’m not referring to a place where great Roman warriors once fought to the death in front of thousands of cheering spectators. Although, the environment is chillingly comparable. The infamous structure […]

Good Eye Kid, Good Eye

As often as the Yankees find themselves in the postseason, they find themselves among the top MLB teams in the walks category just as often

There is one offensive statistic in baseball that has always been underrated and overlooked. To tally this stat, requires a focused eye, composure, restraint, and most of all, patience. Some players and teams lack those qualities, but others excel in those areas allowing them to succeed. A walk is as good as a hit the […]

No Small Ball in New York

The Yankees are all smiles when they're crossing the plate after a home run. But the smiles seem to stop without them, as they can't seem to win unless they homer.

  This past weekends Subway Series was highlighted by spectacular heroics and even larger swings at the plate. Game one on friday was an all-out attack on Mets ace, Johan Santana, who pitched the teams first no-hitter in history just a week prior. The Bombers jumped on him though in this start. Robinson Cano hit […]

Changes to come in the AL East

Captain Derek Jeter will look to lead the rest of the lineup past the Rays in an attempt to turn the tides and take the top spot in the AL East

  With some key division match-ups set to take place this week between AL East teams, it may be a chance for the Yankees to either move up the ranks and get back on top with a few wins, or get pushed further down if they suffer any losses. The Yankees just wrapped up their […]

Yankees Game 52 Lineup: 06/02/12

Hiroki Kuroda goes tonight for the Yankees and is still trying to win consecutive starts for the first time this season

After a 9-4 dominating victory over the Detroit Tigers last night, the Yankees have now won seven of their last nine games and are inching their way closer to the top of the AL East division ladder. Just 1.5 games back now, the teams offensive turnaround has been the driving factor in their recent success. […]

Born to be a Bomber: Curtis Granderson

Curtis Granderson has become one of the league's top sluggers since joining the Yankees, proving he fits perfectly in pinstripes

  Last night was a homecoming of sorts for Curtis Granderson, as he returned to Detroit to face his original team, the Tigers, and he certainly made them pay big time, making them regret ever letting him go. Casey Cosby made his first MLB start last night for Detroit and his nerves were on display. […]

Texas-Sized Turnaround for Mark Teixeira

Mark Teixeira has really been heating up and so have the Yankees in their last six games

Throughout his career, Mark Teixeira has been known for his rather slow starts at the plate. This season was no different, as his bat was very sluggish to begin 2012. Through April, Teixeira was barely able to keep his batting average above .200. He finished the month with a BA of .244, and provided the […]

Yankees Game 45 Lineup: 05/25/12

Ivan Nova starts for the Yankees tonight and he'll attempt to end his month of May on a good note

On the road again, the Yankees travel for a stint in the West coast, beginning with a three-game set against the Oakland A’s. The Yankee offense picked it up slightly in their last game against the Royals, but it seems like they still don’t have any offensive consistency this season. Still seeking a win-streak longer […]

Andy Pettitte: Back Like He Never Left


  Nobody quite knew what to expect out of the 40-year-old southpaw, Andy Pettitte, when he announced his return to baseball in pinstripes. He hadn’t pitched a game since 2010, and although he had a great year, the aging star had to have some rust to shake off from being out of the game for […]

Yankees Game 42 Lineup: 05/21/12

Hiroki Kuroda has had significant success at home this season. The Yankees need this from him again tonight in Bronx.

After five strong innings of work, C.C. Sabathia lost his command in sixth and dug the Yankees a hole they couldn’t crawl out of, resulting in Sabathia’s second straight loss. The series with the Reds didn’t go as planned and the Yankees lost two out of three games as their troubles driving in runs continues. […]

Yankees Quarterly Report

All of Yankee nation is up in arms as to why there's been so many problems with the organization. The Yankees are off to just a so-so start, only one game above .500 after the first quarter of ball played.

A record of 21-20, perfectly reflects the Yankees performance through the first quarter of the 2012 MLB season– average. There has been a few bright points in the early goings, but for the most part, those have been few and far between and have been mostly overshadowed by poor play from the star-studded roster, on […]

Yankees Game 41 Lineup: 05/20/12

C.C. Sabathia has been the most reliable pitcher for the Yankees this year and they'll turn to him again today for a victory

Despite recording a career-high, 12 strikeouts, in his start yesterday, Ivan Nova didn’t  have enough to keep the Reds off the scoreboard and the Yankees lost 6-5. In order to take the first inter-league series of the season, the Yankees will turn to C.C. Sabathia this afternoon, in hopes of a game three victory. Sabathia […]

Yankees Game 40 Lineup: 05/19/12


Andy Pettitte pulled the Yankees out of their three-game losing streak by putting on a lights-out performance on the mound last night, by giving the club eight shutout innings as they went on to win 4-0 over the Reds. Ivan Nova gets the start this afternoon in pinstripes. In his last start, Nova suffered a […]

Yankees Game 39 Lineup: 05/18/12

Andy Pettitte will try to get his first win of the 2012 season and turn around the Yankees losing streak

And the recent slide continues to move downhill for the Yankees, as they lost 4-1 to the Blue Jays last night, making it their fourth loss in five games. New York was swept out of Toronto in a two-game series and will return to the Bronx tonight for the start of inter-league play, as they […]

Living the Dream: Eddie Mata in the MLB Fan Cave

MLB Fan Cave

Picture a 15,000 foot funhouse complete with vibrant art, luxurious furniture, a slide winding around from the top floor to bottom, pool table, video games, countless baseball memorabilia, and over 40 flat-screen TVs. A place for you to reside all summer long to watch every single MLB game, from first pitch to last, all day […]

Yankees Game 38 Lineup: 05/17/12

Phil Hughes will try to duplicate the success of his last start, as he takes the mound again tonight in Toronto

Last night the Yankees suffered another disappointing loss as the Yankees went down to Toronto, 8-1. Once again the offensive unit was kept quiet, wile Hiroki Kuroda struggled on the mound and the Blue Jays took advantage with the long ball. Tonight the Yankees will try to bounce back and take game two to split […]

Yankees Game 37 Lineup: 05/16/12

Kuroda gets the start on the mound for the Yankees tonight, in hopes of winning back to back starts for the first time this season

Due in part to an anemic offense that was only able to muster up five hits total in the game, C.C. Sabathia suffered his first loss last night as the Yankees fell to the Orioles by a score of 5-2. The Yankees are on the road again tonight as they stop in Toronto to begin […]